Clavicle Plates

Product Listings for Clavicle Plates
A/C Hook Plate (Prod 10042)
For the safe and effective treatment of A/C joint injuries (A/C j ... [more]
Plate for use in AC-luxation (Types Tossy III, Rockwood III - V) ... [more]
Alians Clavicule (Prod 150110)
The ALIANS Clavicule range is composed by two kinds of anatomic i ... [more]
Clavicle Angled Locking Plate (Prod 6882)
Corrective Osteotomies & all Fractures of the Clavicle in Met ... [more]
Clavicle Hook Plate (Prod 140701)
The Clavicle Hook Plate is designed as a comprehensive solution f ... [more]
Clavicle Plate Solution (Prod 150613)
The set consists of midshaft, neutral and distal anatomic clavicl ... [more]
Clavicle Plating System (Prod 1669)
Low and narrow-profile clavicle plates that are precontured to ma ... [more]
Clavicle Shaft Plates (Prod 2012014)
Clavicle Shaft plates available in 7 variants: Clavicle Shaft p ... [more]
HAENSEL Ulna / Clavicula Plate (Prod 11784)
The Haensel Ulna / Clavicula Plate is suitable for the fixation o ... [more]
Lateral Clavicle Locking Plate (Prod 10738)
For treatment of comminuted fractures of the lateral clavicle. ... [more]
Locking Clavicle Plate (Prod 10737)
For corrective osteotomies and all fractures of the clavicle in t ... [more]
Locking Clavicle Plate (Prod 8468)
For treatment of fractures of the clavicula in meta- und diasphe ... [more]
Locking Clavicle Plate (Prod 9997)
Thinner. Stronger. Superior results. ... [more]
Midshaft & Lateral Clavicle Plate (Prod 10619)
Corrective Osteotomies & all Fractures of the Clavicle in Met ... [more]
P2C : Clavicle Plate (Prod 150623)
P2C is a non divisible plate used in repairing surgery of fractur ... [more]
PediFrag™ (Prod 1708249)
PediFrag™ is a pediatric specific clavicle plate. This innovati ... [more]
Fixation plate for fracture of the distal clavicle ... [more]