Tumor Prostheses / Salvage Prostheses

Product Listings for Tumor Prostheses / Salvage Prostheses
Compress (Prod 1822)
Distal femoral replacement. ... [more]
Custom Distal Femoral Augment (Prod 2001065)
Our custom distal femoral augments are manufactured using advance ... [more]
Distal Femur Total Knee Prosthese (Prod 195)
Can be used for a total knee prosthesis or distal femoral tumor p ... [more]
ELEOS (Prod 1705055)
ELEOS is a modular limb salvage system that is indicated for proc ... [more]
Endlock Tumor Prosthesis (Prod 10584)
Endlock tumor prosthesis with short-length fixation. Features an ... [more]
Endo-Model Distal Femur Replacement
Finn Rotating Hinged Knee (Prod 4542)
The Finn features six separate resurfacing and segmental distal f ... [more]
GUARDIAN Distal Femur (Prod 1394)
Prosthesis consists of an optional stem centralizer, a stem, and ... [more]
GUARDIAN Proximal Tibia (Prod 1396)
Resurfacing femur design allows for only 28mm femoral bone resect ... [more]
Juvenile Tumour System (Prod 11487)
Juvenile Tumour System ("JTS") is a non-invasive extendible dista ... [more]
A modular tumor and revision system. The high modularity of the M ... [more]
Most Distal Femoral Replacement
Includes replacement of the distal third femur and hinged total k ... [more]
ORTHOGENESIS Limb Preservation System (LPS)
Modular segmental replacement prosthesis system designed for repl ... [more]
Proximal Tibia
Total Knee Prosthesis. Proximal Tibial Tumor Prosthesis. ... [more]
PSO Knee Tumor Prosthesis (Prod 2816)
Tumor total knee prosthesis ... [more]
REPIPHYSIS Expandable Technology (Prod 1400)
Expandable endoprosthesis that allows the surgeon to maintain equ ... [more]