Peripheral Equipment

Product Listings for Peripheral Equipment
2-Step Positioning Platform C-Arm DR Systems
The 2-Step Platform for C-Arm Radiography permits patients to be ... [more]
Motorized movements autopositioning equipment. Ceil’s design is ... [more]
Motorized movements autopositioning equipment. Comb is a flexible ... [more]
CR Cassette Protection
Permits efficient and accurate weight-bearing X-rays of the feet ... [more]
CR Easylift
CR Easylift greatly improves safety for both the user and the pat ... [more]
CR Full Body Cassette Holder (Prod 7592)
CR Full Body Cassette Holder allows cassettes to be inserted easi ... [more]
DynaWell L-spine
Simulates the standing position while a patient is supine. Helps ... [more]
Flap Panel Display Systems (Prod 7655)
NDS specializes in research, development, manufacturing and suppo ... [more]
Gymie-R - Cassette Holder (Prod 11509)
No patient likes being uncomfortable. And it’s even worse w ... [more]
Fast, gentle, and secure immobilization of infants through 4-year ... [more]
Positioning Devices for X-Ray Imaging
The imaging technologist's answer to the challenge of optimal, re ... [more]
Originally designed as a skull unit, Sphere's flexibility has mad ... [more]
Stereoscopic LCD Monitors (Prod 7112)
20 and 23-inch wide Stereo Monitors representing the latest advan ... [more]
Video-Fluoroscopy Chair/Platform
Speech Pathology Modified Barium Swallow Study Mammography/Ra ... [more]