General Spine Instruments

Product Listings for General Spine Instruments
Adherus AutoSpray
Adherus AutoSpray is a sterile, single-use, battery operated devi ... [more]
Arsenal Osteotomy Instrument Set (Prod 150929)
The Arsenal Osteotomy Instrument Set is the latest extension to A ... [more]
Bone & Joint Workstation (B&JW) (Prod 3745)
The Bone & Joint Workstation (B&JW) creates a complete sp ... [more]
Bone Tip for Ultrasound (Prod 160635)
Bone tip for the CUSA NXT Ultrasonic Tissue Ablation System All ... [more]
Cannulated PediGuard (Prod 150207)
The Cannulated PediGuard is a device that integrates the PediGuar ... [more]
CENTRIC Lateral Retractor System (Prod 150929)
The CENTRIC Lateral Retractor System offers independently control ... [more]
Clean Wave Kerrison Punches (Prod 160637)
In most spinal punches and rongeurs, tissue and debris can collec ... [more]
Cloward Dowel Cutter (Prod 2995)
Anterior cervical fusion kit Dowell Cutters Dowel Cu ... [more]
Cloward Spanner Gauge & Depth Gauge (Prod 2994)
Spanner and depth gauge for disc space measurements in anterior c ... [more]
Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)
Metal tray designed to hold neuro-cottonoid patties Allows patt ... [more]
EndoRing Surgical Retraction System (Prod 1313)
Anterior lumbar retractor that allows for stability by creating t ... [more]
Endplate Scraper (Prod 9976)
15" overall length 7" handle 380mm 180mm handle ... [more]
Expedium Osteotomy System (Prod 1503281)
Comprehensive instrument set for facilitating procedures during t ... [more]
In-Situ Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) 3.2mm and 3.5mm Rod Cutters (Prod 11383)
The in-situ cutters eliminate the need for the traditional steps ... [more]
Kerrison Punch, Single Use (Prod 2005092)
Single use kerrison rongeur ... [more]
KMedics CleanPunch 2.0 (Prod 7173)
Innovative, non-traditional kerrison punch available in bite size ... [more]
Lateral PLIF Retractors (Prod 3558)
This retractor has a 7" maximum spread and is available in 3" wit ... [more]
Lateral Retractor System (150702)
This cost effective, off the shelf system was built around the p ... [more]
LumbarTrak Retractor System
The LumbarTrak™ is the new Lumbar Retraction System for R&a ... [more]
Midas Rex Spine Shaver (Prod 9295)
The Midas Rex Spine Shaver enables powered tissue removal during ... [more]
Moss Intradiscal Instruments
The Intradiscal Instruments are designed to provide distraction o ... [more]
Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor  (FP 9826.520)Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor (FP 9826.520)
Three long, convex blades providing a rounded, deep, straight-dow ... [more]
PediGuard (Prod 4156)
A free hand pedicle perforation instrument to detect a breach in ... [more]
PediGuardCurv (Prod 11044)
Allows for addressing all spine levels for pedicle screw placemen ... [more]