Joint Fluid Therapy

Product Listings for Joint Fluid Therapy
CINGAL® (Prod 151109)
CINGAL® is a medical device to treat pain associated with osteoa ... [more]
CLARIX® FLO Injectable (Prod 2006182)
Contents Umbilical cord based injectable that can help to suppl ... [more]
Curavisc® (Prod 1712261)
Hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process For suppleme ... [more]
Durolane® (Prod 7017)
Durolane® is an intra-articular injection of non-animal stabilis ... [more]
Euflexxa (Prod 6094)
Bioengineered (fermentation-derived) hyaluronic acid. Unpreceden ... [more]
Gel-One (Prod 150806)
Single-injection injectable treatment for osteoarthritis pain of ... [more]
GenVisc 850 (Prod 1806251)
GENVISC 850 is an alternative "second generation, non-avian deriv ... [more]
Hy-GAG (Prod 5155)
Second-generation hyaluronic acid injected directly into the join ... [more]
Hyalgan (Prod 5044)
Chondroprotective agent. ... [more]
HYALGAN® (Prod 1602054)
Sodium hyaluronate for intra-articular injection Hyalgan HYALGA ... [more]
Monovisc (Prod 9845)
Monovisc™ is a single injection supplement to the synovial flui ... [more]
OrthoVisc (Prod 2775)
A safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for pain resulting f ... [more]
Orthovisc mini (Prod 9846)
Orthovisc® mini brings the trusted Orthovisc® formulation to a ... [more]
SUPARTZ FX™ (Prod 151018)
SUPARTZ FX has an expanded label allowing for repeat injection cy ... [more]
Supartz JFT (Prod 5063)
Joint fluid therapy. Luer-Lok needle attachment. Single-dose pack ... [more]
Synvisc / Synvisc One (Prod 4527)
Injectable chondroprotective agent. Now a product of Sanofi Pharm ... [more]
Viscoseal® (Prod 1801261)
Highly purified solution of sodium hyaluronate (50 mg/10 ml) ... [more]