Elevators / Dissectors

Product Listings for Elevators / Dissectors
Adson Periosteal Elevator
Sharp, square edge. Length 6-1/2"(16.5CM) ... [more]
Advanced Monorail Technology (AMT)
Advanced Monorail Technology (AMT™) is the proprietary plat ... [more]
Aufranc Elevator (Prod 4502)
Flat blade with oval tip. Flattened handle. ... [more]
Austin Right Angle Elevator
Blade 2mm wide, angled 90 degree. Length 6-1/4``(16CM) ... [more]
Blair Elevator
NO 1, Dull, curved laterally, 7-1/2"(19.1CM) ... [more]
Cloward Periosteal Elevator (Prod 6048)
Cervical and lumbar periosteal elevators. ... [more]
COBB Elevator (Prod 7870)
15" & 13" long handled Cobb Elevators. Ergonomic grips. ... [more]
Cobb Periosteal Elevator
CURVED SMALL 13MM WIDE 11" LONG Useful for orthopedic procedu ... [more]
Cushing Bone Rugine (Prod 10952)
Also Bristow Bone Rugine and Farebeuf Bone Rongeur. ... [more]
Differential Dissector Model DD1 (Prod 1503041)
Battery operated dissection device designed to safely separate ti ... [more]
Dissector Sponges (Prod 10664)
Peanut Dissector.  Kittner (hand sewn).  Kittner (sonic ... [more]
Elevators (Prod 7125)
Key elevators. Metatarsal elevators. ... [more]
Peanut Dissector (Prod 10657)
For gentle dissecting, probing, or retracting tissue. One Peanut ... [more]
All gauze sponge for blunt dissection of delicate tissue. ... [more]
Perosteal Elevators (Prod 9971)
Handcrafted in Germany from surgical-grade stainless steel ... [more]
Powered Cobb Elevator (Prod 1117)
RF frequency powered Cobb elevator to improve the efficiency of r ... [more]