Antibiotic Delivery Implants

Product Listings for Antibiotic Delivery Implants
ActivaScrew & ActivaPin (Prod 8445)
Antibiotic-releasing miniscrew and pin for bone surgery Bioabso ... [more]
AIGISRx® ST (Prod 1406292)
Antibacterial mesh that is made from knitted polypropylene mesh s ... [more]
Atrigel® (Prod 4476)
When the liquid product is injected into designated space through ... [more]
CiproScrew™ (Prod 10774)
The antibiotic-releasing CiproScrew™ implant fixes and supports ... [more]
COPAL® Bone Cements & Knee Moulds (Prod 1802267)
COPAL® bone cements provide broad–spectrum, highly effective c ... [more]
InterSpace Knee (Prod 3695)
Preformed, temporary, articulated knee spacer impregnated with Ge ... [more]
InterSpace Shoulder (Prod 7012)
Like the InterSpace Hip and InterSpace Knee, the InterSpace Shoul ... [more]
KASM® Knee Articulating Spacer Molds (Prod 150522)
KASM is a cement spacer mold intended for use in treating patient ... [more]
Neuro Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope (Prod 1406291)
Available as an Antibacterial Envelope that is made from a knitte ... [more]
OrthoFuzIon Orthopedic Bone Screw System (Prod 150319)
The OrthoFuzIon Orthopedic Bone Screw System is the world’s ... [more]
OsteoSet BVF Kit w/ Antibiotics
Adding antibiotics is an off-label use for the OsteoSet BVF Kit b ... [more]
REMEDY Hip Spacers (Prod 1502091)
Temporary hip implant to be used as part of the treatment foresee ... [more]
REMEDY Knee Spacers (Prod 1502092)
Temporary implant foreseen in a two-stage procedure performed in ... [more]
Temporary Spacer (Prod 8416)
Temporary Spacer with antibiotic for hip and knee revisions ... [more]