C-Arms / Flouroscopy

Product Listings for C-Arms / Flouroscopy
FD Pulse (Prod 1602282)
The first and only mini C-arm with pulsed fluoroscopy Ex ... [more]
Fluoroscan InSight (Prod 11060)
Mini C-arm that provides high-definition images.  IQ Enhance ... [more]
G-Arm (Prod 150317)
Whether you are in OR or any other fast paced setting the G-arm†... [more]
MiniView 6800 (Prod 4969)
This new mini C-arm for extremity imaging has the workstation com ... [more]
Mobile C-Arm
Mobile C-arm equipped with a state-of-the-art flat-panel detector ... [more]
O-arm (Prod 5076)
The mobile O-arm®, is a crossover technology that enables fu ... [more]
OrthoScan HD (Prod 6476)
High definition imaging with a mini c-arm ... [more]
Premier Encore Mini C-Arm (Prod 4971)
The Premier Encore Mini C-Arm has an integrated laser alignment d ... [more]
Smart-C Mini C-Arm (Prod 2005041)Smart-C Mini C-Arm (Prod 2005041)
Extremely light, full-capacity, mini C-arm that is battery operat ... [more]
Surgical C-arms (Prod 1704082)
From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency ... [more]
Surgivisio Platform C-Arm (Prod 2007299)
Contents 2D X-Ray C-Arm with 5 axes Features built-in 3D image ... [more]
TRIGEN SURESHOT Distal Targeting System (Prod 10223)
TRIGEN SURESHOT Distal Targeting System, a small, portable device ... [more]
Used Mini C-Arms (Prod 8814)
Reimbursable for CPT codes 7600, 77077, and 77002. 2-3 uses per ... [more]