Illuminated Retractors

Product Listings for Illuminated Retractors
Breiten Illuminated Retractor System
• Eliminates or reduces dependency on a headlight • Multip ... [more]
BriteField Port System
The BriteField™ Port System provides optimized illumination ... [more]
BRITETRAC Retractors (Prod 6843)
Fiberoptic illuminated retractors ... [more]
Daymark™ High Intensity Surgical LED Headlight (Prod 2007147)
Contents Spot is adjustable for a 1-4" clean spot at 16" distan ... [more]
Eiberg™ Illuminated Retractor System (Prod 150929)
Eiberg™ was designed to address the unmet need for illumination ... [more]
Eigr™ Saber Waveguide with Frazier
The Eigr™ Saber Waveguide with Frazier is a hand-held illuminat ... [more]
Eipex Illuminated Retractor System
The Eipex Illuminated Retractor System enables surgeons to see de ... [more]
Eivector Illuminated Retractor System
Specifically designed for anterior and posterior hip replacement. ... [more]
Illuminated Deaver and Deep Pelvic Retractor (Prod 6848)
Custom illuminated retractors such as the Perforated Deep Pelvic ... [more]
McCulloch Retractor
This McCulloch retractor is a breakthrough in the evolution ... [more]
Neon Retractor (Prod 3946)
Neon is a new concept in lighted retractors, it incorporates ligh ... [more]
ONETRAC Single-Use Cordless Surgical Retractor (Prod 1611141)
Single-use cordless surgical retractor with build-in LED light so ... [more]
RC Mini-Open Lighted Retractor (Prod 3911)
For primary use in open & mini-open shoulder procedures. Other ap ... [more]
Scintillant® Retractor (Prod 1703172)
The Scintillant® Retractor is a handheld surgical light affixed ... [more]
Scintillant® Zip-Strap (Prod 1703173)
The Scintillant® Zip-Strap is a handheld surgical light featurin ... [more]
Surgilight (Prod 1703175)
The Surgilight is an exciting new surgical illumination device de ... [more]