Educational Models / Charts

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3D medical modeling services to doctors, surgeons, radiologists, ... [more]
Advanced Trauma Modules
Advanced Trauma Modules set interchanges with blank modules on ad ... [more]
Anatomic Models (Prod 1705059)
We develop personalized implant, instrument and anatomic model de ... [more]
Anatomic Models for Pre-surgical Planning (Prod 2007138)
Contents Offers manufacturing of your 3D files into 3D printed ... [more]
Anatomical Charts
Extensive variety of anatomical charts, 3-D models, skeletons, sk ... [more]
Anatomical Models (Prod 2001064)
Our experienced engineers use the most up-to-date technology to p ... [more]
Anatomy Models (Prod 6463)
We have designed, engineered, and manufactured an extensive line ... [more]
Arthroscopy Hip Model (Prod 6931)
Practice and teaching model for hip arthroscopy. ... [more]
Artificial Composite Bone Models (Prod 11638)
Artificial composite bones for workshops, training and display mo ... [more]
Bone Models
Offering a broad range of bone models for both human and vet ... [more]
Clear Plastic Display Bones (Prod 6186)
Ideal for implant visualization. We can install implants for you ... [more]
The ClearCast bone models are anatomically exact models and are a ... [more]
Deluxe Hip JH-2500
Proximal half of femur and innominate articulated. Articulation ... [more]
Educational Models and Simulators
We produce medical education, anatomical models, patient educatio ... [more]
Hip Joint Training Models (Prod 7090)
Orthopaedic hip training models Encapsulated and non-encapsulat ... [more]
Medical Animations (Prod 1601197)
We specialize in the creation of medical animations, illustration ... [more]
Medical Modeling (Prod 6597)
We produce an array of anatomical and skeletal models that aid in ... [more]
Medical Models / Custom Models (Prod 6350)
Bone replicas from hip, knee, spine and trauma for use as educati ... [more]
Mimics Innovation Suite (Prod 2007141)
Contents Enables uploading of medical image data (DICOM) and se ... [more]
Models, Charts and Simulators
Manufacturer and supplier of anatomical models, training simulato ... [more]
Mr. Hurt Head Trauma Trainer
Cast from an actual victim of a road accident, Mr. Hurt Head Trau ... [more]
Neuro Dermatomes Chart
A dermatome chart to hang in every examination room of your clini ... [more]
Orthopedic Skeleton SK-2000
Skeleton disarticulates into nine pieces. One side of skeleton ha ... [more]
Prosthesis Replicas (Prod 6349)
We can provide replica prostheses for knee,hip and spine. Used fo ... [more]
Replicas of Skeletal Elements
Detailed, high-quality osteological reproductions of skeletal ele ... [more]
Replicated Implants (Prod 6596)
We can provide replicated implants in plastic and metal that can ... [more]
S.A.M. (Shoulder Arthroscopy Model) (Prod 6404)
Shoulder arthroscopy training system. Surgical simulation model ... [more]
Sawbones (Prod 6185)
Sawbones are designed to be cut, drilled, tapped, or gouged with ... [more]