Interpretation Services

Product Listings for Interpretation Services
Full spectrum of radiological services provided by nationally rec ... [more]
Evaluation of Knee Osteoarthritis (Prod 150427)
With our Evaluation of Knee Osteoarthritis we combine Disability ... [more]
Image Analysis (Prod 11575)
Image Analysis services that apply highly accurate measureme ... [more]
Imaging Interpretations (Prod 10045)
Accurate,decisive, directive, definitive and detailed clinically ... [more]
Knee Surgery Triage (KST) (Prod 150427)
Knee Surgery Triage (KST) is a tool aimed to streamline the evalu ... [more]
MRI Interpretations
A board certified radiologist provides expert interpretation in a ... [more]
MRI Interpretations (Prod 4961)
MRI interpretations that surpass expectations. Guaranteed indust ... [more]
Proscan Reading Services (Prod 4365)
Superior reads delivered world wide. Rapid turnaround. Board ce ... [more]
Radiologist Services (Prod 10692)
Founded in 2003. Accurate, cost-effective, and prompt teleradiol ... [more]
Tele radiology Technology (Prod 5130)
Providing teleradiology technology based services such for specia ... [more]
Teleradiology Technology (Prod 5131)
Musculoskeletal image interpretation service that can provide tim ... [more]