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Association and Medical Society Management (Prod 8824)
Executive Administration On-staff practicing physicians Knowle ... [more]
A consultancy specialising in the musculo-skeletal segment of the ... [more]
EHR & Practice Management
We provide top-rated EHR solution used by thousands of practices, ... [more]
Healthcare Infomatics
Developing innovative technology products and solutions that anti ... [more]
High Ground Medical (Prod 6554)
High Ground Medical works with companies in many shapes and sizes ... [more]
Impairment Ratings
EME provides seminars and software for completing Impairment Rati ... [more]
Management Consulting & CPT Coding (Prod 5007)
Do you have a particularly hard to code surgical case? Are you un ... [more]
Management of Sports Medicine Practices
Works extensively with sports medicine practices to provide a wid ... [more]
MCRA Services (Prod 2006171)
Contents MCRA can help clients to perform, to develop, and to a ... [more]
Med 3000
Proven, national healthcare technology and management services. ... [more]
Medical Procurement (Prod 8576)
Pharma provides global procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical ... [more]
Minimally Invasive Surgical Support (MISS) (Prod 11446)
Expertise and equipment for minimally invasive surgery that helps ... [more]
Noon Health (FP 2011051.1220)Noon Health (FP 2011051.1220)
Consortium of healthcare experts who specialize in various aspect ... [more]
OMSolutionsSM (Prod 9055)
Our core competence is supply chain management. Using that experi ... [more]
Orthopedic Billing and Management Services
Orthopedic Services Inc. is not another run of the mill Medical B ... [more]
Overhead Expense/Cost Management (Prod 10354)
We are reduction and purchasing consultants who specialize in ide ... [more]
Paragon Practice Management (Prod 100000)Paragon Practice Management (Prod 100000)
Let us do what we specialize in! While you do what you specialize ... [more]
Practice Management (Prod 7667)
Education - Patient and Physician; Facility Planning and Design; ... [more]
Practice Management (Prod 7668)
As buyers, developers and managers of surgery centers and physici ... [more]
Process and Product Solutions for Orthopaedic Practices
The first and only 'hybrid' orthopedic company with a different a ... [more]
Spine Practice Management (Prod 7741)
A Nashville-based health care company specializing in ancillary s ... [more]
SpineMark Centers of Excellence
The focus is at SpineMark is on developing "SpineMark Centers of ... [more]
Strategy Planning, Facilitation and Development
Strategy Planning Facilitation and Development: Facilitation of t ... [more]
Workmen's Compensation Revenue Cycle Management
We provide complete electronic workers compensation revenue cycle ... [more]