Muscle Stimulation

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ARPwave System (Prod 141002)
The ARPwave System features a state of the art patented electrica ... [more]
Dual Channel Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) (Prod 4362)
Compact. Easy for patient to operate. Two pairs of electrodes w ... [more]
e-vive™ Muscle Stimulation Therapy (Prod 2007276)
Contents Designed to help TKR and ACL patients increase quadric ... [more]
Electrotherapy Products
Austin Medical Equipment carries a full line of quality electroth ... [more]
geko™ (Prod 18021211)
Powered by OnPulse™ technology, the non-invasive geko™ device ... [more]
HiDow TENS Units (Prod 18021210)
HiDow TENS Units are FDA class II cleared medical devices that us ... [more]
High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) (Prod 5536)
To increase local blood circulation, restore range of motion, and ... [more]
Kneehab XP (Prod 117711)
Kneehab® XP works by re-educating and strengthening the quadr ... [more]
MediStim XP (Prod 11772)
MediStim® XP was developed to prevent or slow down the atroph ... [more]
Muscle Stimulator (Prod 11450)
Muscle Stimulator (Muscle Stim or NMES - Neuromuscular Electrical ... [more]
NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) (Prod 5534)
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) stimulation replicate ... [more]
QB1 NMES (Prod 150430)
The QB1 NMES delivers high intensity electrical muscle stimulatio ... [more]
RS-4i Sequential Stimulator (Prod 5028)
In a single treatment, its unique multi-stage Sequential Stimulat ... [more]
RS-4m Muscle Stimulator (Prod 5030)
Personal, home-use stimulator that delivers electrical impulses t ... [more]
Sys Stim 206 (Prod 6295)
The Sys*Stim 206 is a one-channel neuromuscular stimulator that f ... [more]
Theramini 2 (Prod 4888)
This small unit, about the size of a laptop computer, has all six ... [more]
WalkAide is a physician prescribed medical device for the treatme ... [more]