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FONAR 360 degree (Prod 6898)
The FONAR 360 degree is a room sized MRI that is a full-size room ... [more]
G-scan Brio
G-scan Brio delivers: • Outstanding weight-bearing and supin ... [more]
Hologic Opera E-MRI (Prod 6514)
Extremity MRI. For knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Ope ... [more]
Mayo Clinic MRI Coil (Prod 5220
Researchers at Mayo Clinic, a leading research hospital in the U. ... [more]
MRI (Prod 6923)
An exclusive distributor of Imaging Systems from Philips-Neusoft ... [more]
MRI (Prod 6923)
In-office, orthopaedic MRI. ... [more]
An entire line of MRI-Safe™ Overhead Suspension, LCD Mounts ... [more]
MRopen (Prod 8771)
MROpen is a “totally Open” MRI system that provides unparalle ... [more]
The O-Scan is a small but efficient MRI system used to image extr ... [more]
OrthOne Extremity Imager (Prod 4346)
1.0T Dedicated MRI Imager. High quality. Only the body part to ... [more]
Polestar N-10 (Prod 4272)
PoleStar N-10 is the an intraoperative MR Imaging system designed ... [more]
Portal Gravity System (Prod 4945)
Simulates the upright position during recumbent diagnostic imagin ... [more]
S-scan MRI (Prod 7633)
Office MRI. Dedicated MRI. Covers all extremities and lumbar an ... [more]
Superstar 0.35T MRI System (Prod 10498)
Reliability of a 0.35T C-type Permanent Magnet open on its four s ... [more]
Upright MRI (Prod 4428)
Whole-body MRI that performs Position™ imaging (pMRI™) and sc ... [more]
XT-MrJ Extremity MRI (Prod 8772)
Open MRI for extremities plus shoulders, hips, lumbar spine, and ... [more]