Targeting Devices

Product Listings for Targeting Devices
Cub Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604151)
The Cub is a standard pedicle Access Needle with one key differen ... [more]
Express Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604152)
The Express Pedicle Access Needle is a sleek device with features ... [more]
Magnetic Targeting Device
A prototype magnetic targeting device used to locate screw holes ... [more]
O-Jig (Prod 9980)
Olecranon Drill Guide for Tension-Band-Wiring - A distal referen ... [more]
SpectruM Magnetic Aiming (Prod 12038)
Magnetic aiming device for use in targeting locking holes in IM r ... [more]
Targeting Device (Prod 4852)
Traditionally, metals such as aluminum and stainless steel have b ... [more]
Tiger Pedicle Access Needle Family (Prod 1604153)
End-To-End MIS Pedicle Management. Accessing the pedicle and esta ... [more]