Fracture Reduction Devices

Product Listings for Fracture Reduction Devices
Calcaneus Distractor & HP
For reposition of calcaneus fractures. ... [more]
Carter Hand Surgery Hand Table (Prod 7901)
This table and traction accessories allow for the easy applicatio ... [more]
Ducharme Fracture Alignment Device
For fracture alignment in closed intramedullar nailings. Allows s ... [more]
DynaFrame CF System (Prod 1708264)
The DynaFrame CF system is a carbon fiber-filled polyetheretherke ... [more]
Finger Traps Unsterile (Prod 4743)
Unsterile stainless steel finger traps for closed reduction of co ... [more]
First Assistant
The First Assistant helps the surgeon obtain and maintain reducti ... [more]
Forearm Reduction Unit (Prod 7814)
Forearm Reduction Unit allows the surgeon to acheive and maintain ... [more]
Hand Extension Device
The Hand Extension Device can be used for diagnostic and operativ ... [more]
METAclips (Prod 170103)
Unique, universal clips to secure dressings for all external fixa ... [more]
Uses 2mm pins in the the radius and index metacarpal attached to ... [more]
PORD (Prod 1752)
PORD: Posterior reduction for hip and femur fractures. Radiolucen ... [more]
Reduction Wedge
The Reduction Wedge combined with the volar locking radius plate ... [more]
STORM Tibial Reduction Device  (Prod 7610)STORM Tibial Reduction Device (Prod 7610)
Patented and award-winning unique device designed to specifically ... [more]
Treethowan Bone Lever (Prod 10949)
22.5 cm.  Ring handle.  Curved.  For manipulating ... [more]