Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Product Listings for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Instruments (Prod 10295)
Taps, sounders, pedicle markers, etc. ... [more]
MIS Distractor & Compressor (Prod 10292)
Distraction becomes easy with this instrument. Designed specifcal ... [more]
mSPIN & eSPIN (Prod 12204)
The mSPIN™  discectomy tool (mechanical tool) and  ... [more]
NexPosure MIS Access (Prod 7364)
Posterior MIS cervical access. ... [more]
Nucleoplasty (Prod 2406)
DISC Nucleoplasty™, an innovative treatment for low back pain a ... [more]
The Nucleotome uses an automated shaver and continuous irrigation ... [more]
Omni™ Spinal Introduction System
For Percutaneous Procedures.Reusable. Includes one straight and o ... [more]
Paddle Distractors (Prod 10294)
Paddle Distractors are designed for size and operating in minimal ... [more]
PathFinder and PathFinder NXT
Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw Systems. ... [more]
Pedestal provides a minimally invasive means to access the verteb ... [more]
PediGuard (Prod 4156)
A free hand pedicle perforation instrument to detect a breach in ... [more]
PediGuardCurv (Prod 11044)
Allows for addressing all spine levels for pedicle screw placemen ... [more]
Percutaneous Dynamic Stabilization (PDS) System (Prod 7578)
The Percutaneous Dynamic Stabilization system is the first and on ... [more]
PerX360 System (Prod 11435)
Percutaneous Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System, the P ... [more]
PG™ Inserter/Compressor
The PG™ Inserter/Compressor is an All-in-One instrument that re ... [more]
Phantom AL Retractor System (Prod 150409)
The Phantom AL Retractor System is used to facilitate minimally i ... [more]
Phantom ML™ Series (Prod 150409)
The Phantom ML™ Series offers a variety of options for minimall ... [more]
PIPELINE Access System
The PIPELINE Access System permits 3-dimensional visualization of ... [more]
ProView MAP System (Prod 150528)
The next generation in minimally invasive spine surgery, the ProV ... [more]
R-50™ Spinal Introduction Cannula
Disposable. Box includes five 16 cm straight cannulas with blunt ... [more]
RAVINE Lateral Access (Prod 11279)
RAVINE provides a dual flat blade platform for a true muscle spli ... [more]
RIFT is a lumbar distractor that provides in situ lighting in min ... [more]
ROSA™Spine (Prod 150124)
ROSA™Spine, a minimally invasive spine surgery robotic assistan ... [more]
Scorpion™ Articulating Inserter (Prod 151018)
Designed to accompany the Valeo II™ TL interbody fusion device ... [more]
Serengeti Minimally Invasive Retractor System (Prod 8120)
Novel approach for screw and rod placement with improved visualiz ... [more]
SKy Bone Expander System (Prod 4117)
The SKy Bone Expander is a polymer device, intended for use as co ... [more]
Spinal Tumor Ablation with Radiofrequency (STAR) System (Prod 10676)
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) device that provides l ... [more]
SpineGate (Prod 3179)
A circular retractor system with integrated endoscope for most en ... [more]
SpineGate (Prod 6630)
A circular retractor system with integrated endoscope for most en ... [more]
SpineJet EndoResector (Prod 8223)
The SpineJet EndoResector was developed for endoscopic minimally ... [more]