Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Product Listings for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Access Dilation Port (Prod 1293)
Enables the surgeon to perform a traditional microdiscectomy util ... [more]
ACUTHERM (Prod 9139)
For targeted disc decompression ... [more]
Adherus MIS Applicator
Adherus MIS applicator is intended for use as an adjunct to stand ... [more]
ALARA Neuro Access Needle (Prod 2002222)
Pedicle screw guide that allows surgeons to choose the exposed ne ... [more]
APERTURE Spinal Access System
APERTURE™ Spinal Access System is a spinal access system th ... [more]
Apollon (Prod 11014)
Apollon™ provides spine surgeons complete control of the ro ... [more]
Apollon™ MIS System (Prod 12222)
Minimally invasive approach for correction and stabilization of t ... [more]
Aquamantys Epidural Vein Sealer (EVS) (Prod 9527)
The EVS is designed to address the challenging anatomy in minimal ... [more]
ARAS Retractor Instrumentation
Provides visualization and access for minimally invasive spine pr ... [more]
ARC Portal Access System (Prod 9655)
The proprietary ARC Portal Access System and instrumentation has ... [more]
AxiaLIF® Plus (Prod 160215)
The AxiaLIF® Plus (Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion) System is desi ... [more]
AXXIS (Prod 150224)
Minimally invasive spine surgery retractor. ... [more]
BoneBac One-Step Dilator (Prod 1804052)
Gain access to the spine in one simple step with the BoneBac® On ... [more]
Cannulated PediGuard (Prod 150207)
The Cannulated PediGuard is a device that integrates the PediGuar ... [more]
Caspar Micro Lumbar Distactor (MLD) System (Prod 10092)
The Caspar MLD System is utilized during a microsurgical approach ... [more]
Cavity SpineWand (Prod 8058)
A device used to reduce malignant lesions in the vertebrae, which ... [more]
CD Horizon Eclipse Spinal System (Prod 1301)
Endoscopic scoliosis system. Spine fusion. ... [more]
CD Horizon® Longitude™ Multi-level Percutaneous Fixation System (Prod 8264)
For use in minimally invasive spinal surgeries that require multi ... [more]
CESSYS® Ventral Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System (Prod 2007284)
Minimally invasive procedure to treat cervical disc herniations ... [more]
Clarity Posterior Retractor System
The Clarity Posterior Retractor System provides: Maximum visua ... [more]
Compass 4D™ MIS Retractor (Prod 150407)
The Compass 4D™ MIS Retractor system is designed to aid in expo ... [more]
Cub Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604151)
The Cub is a standard pedicle Access Needle with one key differen ... [more]
Dekompressor (Prod 10063)
Percutaneous discectomy using the Stryker Dekompressor® provi ... [more]
Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion Procedure (DLIF) System (Prod 10493)
Minimally invasive solution to degenerative lumbar conditions. U ... [more]
Disc-FX System (Prod 8754)
The Disc-FX® System is a single-use disposable system that pe ... [more]
DISMISS (Directional Instrument System for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) (Prod 9539)
The DISMISS® instrument system was developed and designed spe ... [more]
DTRAX Spinal System (Prod 150227)
The DTRAX Spinal System is a set of single-use disposable instrum ... [more]
Endplate Shaver Curette (Prod 150802)
The Endplate Shaver Curette is designed to provide quick and easy ... [more]
Express Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604152)
The Express Pedicle Access Needle is a sleek device with features ... [more]