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Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)
Safe Cord™ is a durable, disposable safety strip designed to co ... [more]
Sani-Cover™ Medical Grade Disposable Face Rest Covers (Prod 1509252.25S)Sani-Cover™ Medical Grade Disposable Face Rest Covers (Prod 1509252.25S)
For use with the epidural positioning devices that can be seen ... [more]
Schure Slide Patient Transfer System (Prod 8147 C1218.15)Schure Slide Patient Transfer System (Prod 8147 C1218.15)
Developed to reduce the amount of lifting by hospital staff. &nbs ... [more]
Schure Spine Frame (Prod 1012311 C1218.15)Schure Spine Frame (Prod 1012311 C1218.15)
Stable and convenient platform for spine surgery such as laminect ... [more]
Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.516)Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.516)
Radiolucent, carbon fiber, peek retractor frame ... [more]
Shoulder Carrier (Prod 1903151 C319.2)Shoulder Carrier (Prod 1903151 C319.2)
Surgeon-designed, patient-and-staff friendly, post-operative shou ... [more]
SR 500 Ambulatory Lumbar Spinal-Air Traction Belt (Prod 9670 C918.15)SR 500 Ambulatory Lumbar Spinal-Air Traction Belt (Prod 9670 C918.15)
The thin and light weight design of the SR 500's patented expanda ... [more]
The Surgical Mat™  (Prod 8721S)The Surgical Mat™ (Prod 8721S)
Patented, anti-microbial, disposable, surgical mat addressing 3 i ... [more]
THERA-P Electric Treatment Table (Prod 1510212C1115.1)THERA-P Electric Treatment Table (Prod 1510212C1115.1)
Ease of use, multiple options and a sleek but durable design make ... [more]
TKR Positioner for Total Knee Replacement(Prod 10404 C1218.15)TKR Positioner for Total Knee Replacement(Prod 10404 C1218.15)
Ball-track system for total knee replacement arthroplasty that is ... [more]
Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards (Prod 1812111 C1812.15)Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards (Prod 1812111 C1812.15)
To secure patient extremity positions on the operating table Re ... [more]
Total Knee Positioning System (Prod 11778 C117.1)Total Knee Positioning System (Prod 11778 C117.1)
FULLY ADJUSTABLE ATRAUMATIC CLAMP: This clamp will eliminate tear ... [more]
Traction Tongs (Prod 8929 C115.1)Traction Tongs (Prod 8929 C115.1)
Maximum opening 6 1/2" (159 mm). The Gardner-Wells skull traction ... [more]
Tree of Andry Sculpture  (FP 9073.818)Tree of Andry Sculpture (FP 9073.818)
The Tree of Andry, the international symbol of Orthopaedics since ... [more]
Vie Scope® Intubation Instrument (Prod 190523 C319.3)Vie Scope® Intubation Instrument (Prod 190523 C319.3)
Intubation scope created by an otolaryngologist to help manage di ... [more]
WEST-Hand™ (Prod 3705 S516)WEST-Hand™ (Prod 3705 S516)
Monofilament nerve tester (esthesiometer) that is a patented impr ... [more]
White Russian Forceps  (FP 9827.216)White Russian Forceps (FP 9827.216)
Widened, rounded end forceps with sturdy body. Serrated grasping ... [more]
Wilson Frame - Radiolucent - Refurbished (Prod 1705151 C117.1Wilson Frame - Radiolucent - Refurbished (Prod 1705151 C117.1
Refurbished, radiolucent Wilson frame for prone positioning ... [more]
Wrist Traction Tower (Prod 1812131 C1218.15)Wrist Traction Tower (Prod 1812131 C1218.15)
Wrist traction tower that offers a variety of positioning capabil ... [more]
Zelpi Retractor  (FP 7899.216)Zelpi Retractor (FP 7899.216)
Self-retaining retractor with secure locking mechanism. 90 degree ... [more]