Product Listings for innov'spine
Cervical Cage: Radiolucent PEEK Optima® for a bette ... [more]
ANCEPLATE (Prod 151011)
Anterior Cervical Plate: Low profile Large range ... [more]
PLIFBOX (Prod 151011)
PLIF Cage / OLIF Cage: Made of PEEK Optima® for a s ... [more]
POCEPLATE (Prod 151011)
Posterior Cervical Plate: Low profile Large rang ... [more]
POLPLATE (Prod 151011)
Lumbar Plate: Lowprofile rod plate Stronger stab ... [more]
Single Use Cervical Ancillary Set (Prod 151011)
Kit including single use ancillary : Cervical cages Imp ... [more]
TLIFBOX (Prod 151011)
TLIF Cage: Unique possibility to use 2 devices in order ... [more]
Universal Set Cervical (Prod 151011)
One set for the entire cervical range. ... [more]
VEOS PE (Prod 151011)
Flexible Lumbar Osteosynthesis: Rod made in peek optima ... [more]
VEOS TI (Prod 151011)
Lumbar Osteosynthesis: Head polyaxial 'low profile' ... [more]