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Product Listings for Spineology, Inc
Armor Amniotic Wound Covering (Prod 150710)
Armor™ Amniotic Wound Covering is an immune privileged human al ... [more]
CapLox Spinal Fixation System (Prod 11654)
The CapLox Spinal System is a posterior pedicle screw system indi ... [more]
Capture Facet Fixation System (Prod 11653)
The Capture Facet Screw System is intended to stabilize the ... [more]
Duo System (Prod 1801221)
The Duo System is the next generation in lateral interbody fusion ... [more]
Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion (Prod 1703221)
The Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion is designed to be implanted ... [more]
Fortress Pedicular Fixation System (Prod 150710)
The Fortress Pedicular Fixation System is a midline pedicle screw ... [more]
Medius Midline Retractor System (Prod 150710)
The Medius Midline Retractor System is a low profile, feature-ric ... [more]
MTF G2 Allograft (Prod 11652)
G 2 grafts are proprietary Granular Graft mixtures of Deminerali ... [more]
OptiMesh (Prod 6114)
Three-dimensional deployable mesh pouch that's implanted into ske ... [more]
Palisade™ Pedicular Fixation System (Prod 160508)
The Palisade Pedicular Fixation System is designed to minimize su ... [more]
Prime Liquid Tissue Matrix (Prod 150710)
Prime Liquid Tissue Matrix is an allograft derived from amniotic ... [more]
ProMap EMG Navigation System (Prod 11655)
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery or percutaneous spine surgery ca ... [more]
Rampart O Interbody Fusion System (Prod 1709171))
The Rampart O implant design provides biomechanical horsepower to ... [more]
Rampart™ T Interbody Fusion Inserter (Prod 1709172)
The Rampart T System incorporates next-generation cage articulati ... [more]
SOAR Retractor System (Prod 11651)
The SOAR System includes a variety of retractor lengths and diame ... [more]
Threshold System (Prod 11683)
The Threshold system is designed to accommodate mini-open and per ... [more]
VIA Spinous Process Fixation System (Prod 150710)
The VIA Spinous Process Fixation System is a posterior, non-pedic ... [more]