ProMed, Inc.

Product Listings for ProMed, Inc.
1/8-inch Short Tennis Elbow with PPT (Prod 1951)
Features 1/8" nylon two-side neoprene. 1/4" PPT pressure pad o ... [more]
3-D Healing Shoe (Prod 1948)
Patented rocker sole features padded upper and double cushioned i ... [more]
Ambidextrous Wristlet with Abducted Thumb and Stay (Prod 1950)
Featuring a removable or adjusted malleable stay, this wristlet f ... [more]
Deluxe Over-the-door Cervical Traction Kit (Prod 1953)
This kit includes two pulleys, 10 feet of traction cord. Heavy ... [more]
Elastic Double-Side-Pull Lumbar Support (Prod 1954)
Featuring a neoprene pocket, this lumbar support is designed to t ... [more]
Pediatric Cast Shoe (Prod 1945)
Pediatric cast shoe with 3 hook and loop closures ... [more]
Rocker-Bottom Cast Shoe (Prod 1946)
Navy Blue or Beige made of strong canvas duck. Straps of ca ... [more]
Universal Shoulder Immobilizer (Prod 1952)
Designed from foam pile laminate, for both men and women, one siz ... [more]
Wockershoe Rocker Bottom (Prod 1947)
The Wockershoe is designed to ease post-op and post-traumatic con ... [more]
Wrist and Forearm Support-12 (Prod 1949)
1/8" nylon two-side neoprene. Measuring 11" in length, it include ... [more]