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Product Listings for Performance Health
Accuflex Dynamic Elbow Orthosis (Prod 9847)
Mobilizes non-fixed elbow contractures with low stretch therapy. ... [more]
Aquaplast® (Prod 9257)
Non-draping material that provides the control needed for proper ... [more]
AquaShield Cast and Bandage Protector (Prod 1960)
Pre-Sized and ready to use. Single piece construction. Non-slip ... [more]
EspressAire Tourniquet System (Prod 2675)
Advanced technology. Rapid inflation. Versatile cuff capability ... [more]
Kinetec Anatomical Shoulder CPM (Prod 2751)
Programmable hand control. Easy change for right to left. Now f ... [more]
Kinetec Maestra Hand & Wrist CPM (Prod 2750)
Lightweight. Easily transportable. Variable speed control and a ... [more]
Kinetec Maestra Portable Hand CPM (Prod 2749)
Incorporates a low-profile rigid splint to reduce set-up time. L ... [more]
Kinetec Spectra Knee CPM (Prod 2748)
Lightweight. Wide carriage. Hyperextension to 120 deg. of flexi ... [more]
Knee ProMotion™ Overhead Pulley (Prod 9769)
The Knee ProMotion™ Overhead Pulley teaches patients to do flex ... [more]
MicroFET4 Combination Grip/Pinch Dynamometer (Prod 7099)
The microFET4 performs tests for the five handgrip positions, Rap ... [more]
Scanmed Single & Double Electronic Tourniquet Systems (Prod 2752)
Electric powered unit with two-hour, back-up battery. Microproce ... [more]
Scanmed Tourniquet Cuffs (Prod 2753)
Extra-long silicon bladder to facilitate correct choice. Multipl ... [more]