Product Listings for Ossur
3DX (Prod 1715)
Dual-hinge ligament brace that moves with the same three dimensio ... [more]
Cheetah (Prod 3846)
The Cheetah™is a custom prosthetic foot for track and field ... [more]
CTi Wrist (Prod 8275)
Removable wrist splint. ... [more]
E Splint (Prod 3712)
The GII E Splint is a universally sized Rehab style brace designe ... [more]
Extreme / Matrix™ / Trainer™ / 3-PLANE™ (Prod 3711)
Ossur provides a variety of braces that provide stability for lig ... [more]
Extreme Custom Ligament Knee Braces (Prod 1717)
Custom brace for ligament damage or deficiencies. ... [more]
Flex-Foot (Prod 3845)
The Flex-Foot is a foot prosthesis made from carbon fibre and tit ... [more]
GII KAFO (Prod 1720)
Unicompartmental OA patient with abnormal foot/ankle pathologies. ... [more]
GII Matrix (Prod 1716)
Mild to moderate ligament instabilities. Prevention and rehabil ... [more]
GII Trainer (Prod 1718)
Mild to moderate knee ligament instabilities.Cost effective, off- ... [more]
Ossur AFO Dynamic (Prod 4993)
Incoroporates the best of Flex-Foot technology and the energy sto ... [more]
Paradigm (Prod 5845)
A pre-sized knee brace for instability as well as pre and post-op ... [more]
Power Knee (Prod 7356)
Motor-powered, artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee ... [more]
Proprio Foot Bionic Foot (Prod 7471)
The Proprio Foot™ Bionic Foot thinks for itself, responding ... [more]
PS-1 (Prod 1719)
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), patella alta, patella baja, ... [more]
Rebound DUAL (Prod 160215)
Rebound DUAL is a brace for people with ligament issues, includin ... [more]
Rebound Hip (Prod 160419)
Rebound Hip is a lightweight brace for patients recovering from h ... [more]
Rheo Knee (Prod 7472)
The Rheo Knee is a microprocessor swing and stance knee system th ... [more]
Unloader ADJ (Prod 1712)
Custom brace to provide pain relief for patients with mild to sev ... [more]
Unloader Bi-ComPF (Prod 1714)
Custom bracing system provides pain relief for patients with mild ... [more]
Unloader Indicator (Prod 3709)
The Unloader™ Indicator allows patients to trial an Unloade ... [more]
Unloader One (Prod 6727)
Unloading power in a lightweight brace. Unloader One. ... [more]
Unloader Select (Prod 1711)
Custom brace to provide pain relief for patients with mild to sev ... [more]
Unloader Spirit (Prod 1713)
Highly adjustable, comfortable and convenient knee brace for unic ... [more]