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Product Listings for Mahe Medical GmbH
Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 141213)
The Anterior Cervical Plate System provides various sizes of impl ... [more]
Balloon Catheter System (Prod 141213)
This Balloon catheter is used in minimally invasive treatment of ... [more]
ELIZ (Prod 141213)
ELIZ is sterile and reliable alternative for cancellous autograft ... [more]
ENDO SPINE (Prod 141213)
Spinal endoscopes for large access, 4.3mm, 215 mm length. ... [more]
OSIQ (Prod 141213)
OSIQ is a ready-to-use bone graft substitute which is an injectab ... [more]
Perfect Spine Spinal Fixation System (Prod 141213)
The Perfect Spine Spinal Fixation System is an internal fixation ... [more]
Trapezoidal Lumbar Interbody Fusion ( TLIF ) (Prod 141213)
This Trapezoidal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Cages is available in ra ... [more]
Vertebroplasty System (Prod 141213)
This vertebroplasty system is intended for percutaneous access to ... [more]
ZETH DBM (Prod 141213)
ZETH DBM (demineralized bone matrix) contains 80% demineralized h ... [more]