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Product Listings for MEDACTA International SA
3DMetal Tibial Cones (Prod 1711044)
The 3DMetal Tibial Cones can be used for structural support in ar ... [more]
AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) (Prod 7145)
Instruments and leg holders for AMIS. No muscle damage. Reduced ... [more]
Cinetique Knee (Prod 3738)
A group of experienced surgeons conceived the main features of th ... [more]
Cone Stems (Prod 3740)
Cemented Cone stems were designed in 1994 from clinical results a ... [more]
EVOLIS (Prod 3737)
A tricompartmental total knee prosthesis. ... [more]
GMK Efficiency (Prod 150329)
GMK Efficiency is a complete single use instrument solution used ... [more]
GMK Global Medacta Knee (Prod 11835)
GMK is a comprehensive knee system including the GMK Primary and ... [more]
GMK Sphere (Prod 2006222)
Contents Total knee implant intended to provide maximal functio ... [more]
GP System (Prod 3739)
Navigation system that links CT-free navigation for total knee ar ... [more]
iMNS (Medacta Navigation System) (Prod 7146)
Smaller, nicer, and faster. Proprietary technology. Clear infor ... [more]
Individualized Kinematic Alignment (Prod 2006223)
For customization during joint line reconstruction via anatomic r ... [more]
Mecta-Cem (Prod 3742)
Radiopaque bone cement available with and without antibiotics. ... [more]
MyKnee (Prod 11834)
MyKnee® is a patient-specific cutting block, allowing the sur ... [more]
Quadra Femoral Stem (Prod 3741)
The Quadra stem, is a straight cementless femoral stem.It is well ... [more]
Versafitcup (Prod 3743)
The versafitcup acetabular cup is a unique concept, which leaves ... [more]