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Product Listings for Leader Biomedical Europe B.V.
Bipolar and Unipolar Heads (Prod 18030310)
Bipolar and Unipolar heads A wide range of modular bipolar heads ... [more]
C-ment® (Prod 1803032)
C-ment® is a high-quality line of PMMA bone cements. Marketed ... [more]
eTiss® Allograft Tendons (Prod 18030318)
eTiss® allograft tendons such as the semi T and patellar tendon ... [more]
eTiss® DBM (Prod 18030313)
Cortical bone demineralised with the goal of exposing encapsulate ... [more]
eTiss® Femoral Heads (Prod 18030312)
Femoral heads obtained from donors undergoing hip replacement sur ... [more]
eTiss® Void Fillers (Prod 18030311)
Cancellous and cortical bone chips used as void fillers for defec ... [more]
Femoral Heads (Prod 1803039)
Metal head for hip replacement: To reconstruct the biomechanical ... [more]
ICON Implants (Prod 6895)
Metal on metal hip resurfacing implants.  Previously availab ... [more]
Müller Polyethylene Cup (Prod 1803038)
With its wide range of internal and external diameters, the cemen ... [more]
Müller Straight Stem (Prod 1803035)
Over decades, the Müller Straight Stem has been safely used as a ... [more]
Ossfinity® (Prod 18030315)
Ossfinity® combines OssGro® granules and an absorbable hydrogel ... [more]
OssGro® (Prod 18030314)
OssGro® granules, sticks, and wedges are synthetic bone grafts p ... [more]
VarioClassic™ Cup System (Prod 1803037)
The modular VarioClassic™ Cup System is meant for press fit fix ... [more]
VarioClassic™ Hip Stem (Prod 1803034)
The principle of the VarioClassic™ hip stem is based on the fin ... [more]
VarioCup™+ (Prod 1803036)
The VarioCup™+ is a press-fit cup which is made of biocompatibl ... [more]
VarioNXT Hip Stem (Prod 1803033)
VarioNXT™ is a hip replacement stem for press fit or cemented f ... [more]
X-Grip® Affix Sheath (Prod 18030317)
Compatible with the majority of interference screws (optimal resu ... [more]
X-Grip® Screw (Prod 18030316)
The X-Grip® screw was designed to ensure a regulated resorption, ... [more]