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Aeon Hip System
The Aeon Hip System is based on the proven design principles of a ... [more]
Bridgeback Reamer (Prod 1608051)
Acetabular Reamers. Previously available from Sheffield Medical P ... [more]
Cement Osteotomes (Prod 1608052)
Cement Osteotomes for use in hip revisions. Previously available ... [more]
ENGIpore (Prod 2982)
ENGIpore is an innovative porous hydroxyapatite biomaterial with ... [more]
Furlong H-A.C Coated Uncemented Hip System
The Furlong® H-A.C Coated total hip replacement system, intro ... [more]
Hip Stem Extraction Kit (Prod 1608053)
Hip Stem Extraction Kit. Previously available from Sheffield Medi ... [more]
PANTERA Proximal Humerus Fixation Plate System
PANTERA® is a Proximal Humerus Fixation plate system indicate ... [more]
RegenOss represents an innovative concept in bone grafting. It is ... [more]
Repros® is a biocompatible resorbable, synthetic bone void fi ... [more]
Revision Trephines (Prod 1608054)
Revision Trephines. Previously available from Sheffield Medical P ... [more]
SINTlife Paste, Putty and Granules are synthetic fully resorbable ... [more]
Ti-Win Single-Use Radius System (Prod 2987)
For volar fixed-angle osteosynthesis of distal radius fractures ... [more]
Trekking Knee Arthroplasty System
The Trekking knee arthroplasty system has been designed to provid ... [more]
Unique Custom Fit Prostheses
Unique® custom fit prostheses. A perfect fit for every patien ... [more]
VAIOS Shoulder System
Experts in the field of shoulder replacement surgery, biomechanic ... [more]