FLA Orthopedics, Inc.

Product Listings for FLA Orthopedics, Inc.
GELBAND Arm Band (Prod 1796)
For lateral epicondylitis or medial epicondylitis. GelCell® ... [more]
GELBAND Patella Strap (Prod 1795)
U-Point™ Gel Insert focuses pressure on the tendon below th ... [more]
HealWell Cub Plantar Fascitis Night Splint (Prod 1793)
Comfortable and economical. Holds foot at 0, 5, or 10 degrees of ... [more]
OA/Arthritis Knee Brace (Prod 7698)
Wrap-around brace for mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Unil ... [more]
SoftPoint Orthotics (Prod 5649)
SoftPoint 3/4 Semi-Rigid and 3/4 Flexible Cork Orthotics. Suppor ... [more]
StepLite Easy Air Pneumatic-Gel Ankle Walker (Prod 5990)
Combines therapeutic gel and air in one bladder. For sprains and ... [more]