Acetabular Components, Primary

Product Listings for Acetabular Components, Primary
A-Class Polyethylene Line (Prod 6367)
Proprietary cross-linking process to make it more wear resistant. ... [more]
A-Lock Cementless Acetabular Cup
Spherical cementless acetabular cup with two to four screw holes ... [more]
A450 Acetabular System (Prod 11993)
The A450 Acetabular System offers a full range of shell and liner ... [more]
Acetabular System (Seal lock) (Prod 11073)
Acetabular component is composed of Ti-6Al-4V ELI biomaterial and ... [more]
ADM X3 Mobile Bearing Acetabular System
This Mobile Bearing Hip system is made possible due to the patent ... [more]
Large diameter bearing. No metal-on-metal articulation. Metal s ... [more]
ALFA Acetabular Cup System
The ALFA Acetabular Cup system is a porous coated cup with tri-sp ... [more]
AMS HA Cup (Prod 7153)
The cup of semi-spherical profile for total hip replacement is ma ... [more]
Anti-dislocation Acetabular Cup (Prod 269)
Cemented Acetabular cup: Lateral portion to provide greater cove ... [more]
APTERA Cup (Prod 1606244)
The Aptera acetabular shell is a third generation press-fit shell ... [more]
ArComXL Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene (Prod 6040)
Second generation, highly crosslinked polyethylene. Reduced volu ... [more]
ASR XL Acetabular System
recalled by FDA 8/27/2010 ... [more]
Athelia (Prod 11944)
Dual mobility equatorial press-fit acetabular component cup provi ... [more]
Athéna II
Athéna II cemented and cementless acetabular ring/cup, inserts an ... [more]
Atlas (Prod 4127)
The Atlas® is an elastic, expandable acetabular cup. Atlas&re ... [more]
Boogie (Prod 150402)
The Boogie acetabular cup, associated with its various inserts, i ... [more]
BSC Hip Cup (Prod 150213)
The spherical BSC Hip Cup was developed in collaboration with Pro ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas Acetabular Component System (Prod 6741)
Fixed anatomical cup configuration that approximates the shape of ... [more]
CBP (Prod 11945)
Flat edge polyethylene cup for cementing. ... [more]
Cemented Acetabular Cups (Prod 642)
Standard, low-profile and lateralized versions. ... [more]
Cemented Cups ABM-C (Prod 150623)
ABM-C is a " Muller bas profile " type cemented cup in solid poly ... [more]
Cemented PE Acetubular Cup - Moeller type
Cemented PE acetubular cup - Moeller type    Mater ... [more]
Charnley Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular Component (Prod 1417)
For direct placement in the acetabular cavity, avoiding the use ... [more]
CLASSIC-C : Cemented Cup (Prod 150623)
CLASSIC is a Kerboull type cemented cup in solid polyethylene. T ... [more]