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Clarity (Prod 3818)
Clarity™ is an end-to-end suite of applications designed to add ... [more]
GMT Mobile Transcription Services (Prod 150922)
Allows healthcare providers the ability to dictate using their fa ... [more]
Keystrokes is a large medical transcription service based in Illi ... [more]
Med-X Transcription Services
Medical transcription service based in Pennsylvania. ... [more]
Medical Transcription Service (Prod 4938)
Competitive prices 24-hour turnaround No contract required ... [more]
Orthopaedic Medical Transcription
Medical transcription Service with Speed, Accuracy & Economy. We ... [more]
Perfect Transcription (Prod 8067)
Physician-Owned. Physician-Managed. Overnight turnaround. Dict ... [more]
Same Day Transcriptions (Prod 8639)
High-end service at low-end price. Guaranteed 22 hour turnaround ... [more]
Transcription (Prod 3794)
Full audit trail, user privileges, anytime/anywhere document acce ... [more]
Transcription Services
Out-sourced medical transcription services to hospital, clinics, ... [more]
Transcription Services (Prod 3836)
Taking advantage of the latest in digital and internet technology ... [more]
TransDyne is based in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and was originally ... [more]