Skin Adhesive Strips

Product Listings for Skin Adhesive Strips
Clozex Closures (Prod 1902211)
For skin level closure of incisions across Surgical Specialties, ... [more]
DermaClip® Skin Closure
Non-invasive skin closure device that allows for the quick and ea ... [more]
Micro-Anchor Skin Closures (Prod 1902221)
Unique, curved Micro-Anchors gently and securely grip the skin to ... [more]
Steri-Strip S Surgical Skin Closure (Prod 7175)
Non-invasive, adhesive-based wound closure device designed to clo ... [more]
Sterion Skin Closures, Filament Reinforced (Prod 2551)
Latex free, sterile tape closure strips Filament reinforced for ... [more]
Sterion Skin Closures, Flexible Blend Tone
Latex free, sterile tape skin closures strips. Flexible and will ... [more]
SutureSafe is a non-invasive, adhesive-based wound care device wh ... [more]
WoundZipper™ (Prod T2009011)WoundZipper™ (Prod T2009011)
Invented by a board certified, emergency physician, this bandage ... [more]
Zip 15 (Prod 1506102)
The first in a series of surgical skin closure devices aimed at s ... [more]
Zip 8 (Prod 1506101)
For closure of incisions and skin excisions up to 8cm in length ... [more]