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The C-Leg is the first completely microprocessor controlled prost ... [more]
Custom Prostheses AK (Prod 140730)
Our cutting-edge computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM ... [more]
ESK + Stabilized Knee
The ESK +gently locks the knee when weight is applied to the limb ... [more]
Knee joint KINEGEN.guard 3A850
The locking mechanism connects the upper and the lower part backl ... [more]
Mercury Knee
The new geometry in The Mercury Knee results in a smooth transiti ... [more]
Power Knee (Prod 7356)
Motor-powered, artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee ... [more]
Rheo Knee (Prod 7472)
The Rheo Knee is a microprocessor swing and stance knee system th ... [more]
The TGK-5PSO PC is a programmable cartoid above the knee prosthes ... [more]
The TK-5PS10 is a Hystan 5-Bar knee disarticulation prosthesis wi ... [more]