Custom Made Components

Product Listings for Custom Made Components
CT3D-A System (Prod 3280)
A computer assisted custom made artificial hip-joint, the CT3D-A ... [more]
CTS-Reinforcement-Cup (Prod 3285)
CT-support-cups are custom implants made of pure titanium for the ... [more]
Custom Total Hip System
Symbios can provide a customized total hip system. ... [more]
Massive Custom Implants
We have been designing and manufacturing limb salvage custom made ... [more]
Patient Specific Implant (PSI) (Prod 5479)
Our Patient Specific Implant (PSI) program is a femoral stem that ... [more]
SCANATOMIC (Prod 11949)
SCANATOMIC: The custom made prosthesis. Custom made prosthesis fr ... [more]
Unique (Prod 3000)
Unique® is a customized hip implant for hip arthroplasty ... [more]