Walking Canes / Walking Sticks

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Activator Medisport Walking Pole (Prod 8288)
Adjustible length pole utilizing the same snap-button length mech ... [more]
All-Terrain Steppers (Prod 8565)
No longer available through this company.These canes (Steppers&re ... [more]
Cane Leg Support
FDA approved device with a platform that supports the leg while s ... [more]
Canes (Prod 5925)
A variety of canes - Derby Wood canes, Derby Formed canes, Acryli ... [more]
Combo Cane
The exclusive balanced shaft as a result of unique in-line positi ... [more]
Flex Stick (Prod 11911)
Three independent operating, shock absorbing legs enhance stabili ... [more]
Freeze-reduction Walking Cane (Prod 1506297)
Walking cane that projects a bright red line across one's path pr ... [more]
Hugo Folding Cane System (Prod 6013)
The Hugo Folding Cane System is an cane designed by Georgia Tech ... [more]
Mimics the human body to assist in walking. Models include the " ... [more]
OS2 Fitness Trekker Poles (Prod 8289)
World class Nordic walking performance, value and quality Extr ... [more]
Sure Foot™ and Sure Step™ (Prod 11565)
Skid-resistant sole with a traction surface of 18 square inc ... [more]
SureFoot and SureStep Canes (Prod 12061)
These canes provide users with tremendous stability and flexibili ... [more]
Combined with an ergonomic handle and a patented four-angle shoe ... [more]
Walking Canes
Metal and wooden canes. Collapsable canes. Ergonomic and decora ... [more]
Walking Poles (Prod 8290)
One-piece fitness walking poles designed primarily for the urban ... [more]