Patient Transfer Devices

Product Listings for Patient Transfer Devices
Air Pal Patient Air Lift (Prod 6782)
Perforated chambers that allow incoming air to lift the patient o ... [more]
AirSlide (Prod 11285)
Low friction bottom material elminates the need for pin holes in ... [more]
AliMed Patient Roller
Short, medium, & long. ... [more]
Bariatric Shifter
Holds up to 600 lbs. Heavy-duty, flexible plastic that fully sup ... [more]
Ergo-Express PTC 1 (Prod 11132)
Motorized patient transport chair that does all the work ... [more]
EZ Glide Transfer Sheet
For easy, effortless transfer of patients to and from beds, etc. ... [more]
Gold Rollboard (Prod 1806051)
Lateral Patient Transfer system is the Gold Rollboard that has a ... [more]
HoverMatt Air Transfer System (Prod 9564)
For lateral patient transfers. Now available in a disposable opti ... [more]
HoverMatt Half-Matt (Prod 20140312)
Shorter version that ends just below the buttocks. For lateral t ... [more]
HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt (Prod 10842)
Specialty lateral patient transfer matteress for use in the litho ... [more]
ORBIT PT (Prod 9303)
Automated patient transfer system. Allows one nurse, one button, ... [more]
Patient Transfer Board (Prod 5024)
The Patient Transfer Board is a lightweight device designed to ma ... [more]
PATRAN Disposable Slide Sheet (Prod 12159 C1216.1)PATRAN Disposable Slide Sheet (Prod 12159 C1216.1)
Single-patient, multiple use slide sheets for safe patient handli ... [more]
Power Transport Lift (Prod 9301)
Requires only one attendant to lift and move heavy patients. Als ... [more]
Revolution Patient Rotation System (Prod 11298)
Makes patient turning safer and easier, allowing nurses to adjust ... [more]
Roller Replacement Covers (Prod 4325)
Makes your patient transfer devices look brand new. WSRC2515 Shor ... [more]
Samarit Rollbord (Prod 9412)
Samarit Rollbord is a soft and lightweight patient transfer devic ... [more]
Schure Slide Patient Transfer System (Prod 8147 C1218.15)Schure Slide Patient Transfer System (Prod 8147 C1218.15)
Developed to reduce the amount of lifting by hospital staff. &nbs ... [more]
Solo Repo Sheet
Disposable patient repositioning sheet that attaches to an overhe ... [more]
SPS TransferPad™ (Prod 1503091)
Disposable, "single patient stay" (SPS), air-assisted, lateral tr ... [more]
Stat HandySheet
Manufactured of extremely low friction fabrics to facilitate in m ... [more]
SuperLift Patient Lift and Transport System (Prod 11287)
Push-button powered.  Little or no patient handling.  C ... [more]
Z-Slider Patient Transfer Sheet
Disposable, lightweight, strong, and ergonomic. No lifting requi ... [more]