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Accufuser Plus
The Accufuser Plus for postoperative pain control comes in a vari ... [more]
ambIT® Local Pain Management (LPM) Infusion Pump
Simple, yet sophisticated solution for all types of post-operativ ... [more]
ambIT® PreSet Infusion Pump
Easy to use, set up, and program. Choose one of four pre-set inf ... [more]
Ambulatory Pump (ZAP)
A post-operative pain pump with a multirate infusor allowing the ... [more]
AutoMed Pain Control System
Electronically delivers a constant controlled infusion of anesthe ... [more]
BodyGuard 575 Pain Manager
BodyGuard™ 575 Pain Manager ensures +/- 3% accuracy even at ... [more]
e-PainCare (Prod 6029)
Postoperative pain management system that is easy, programmable, ... [more]
The MultiPort™ conduction catheter provides administration ... [more]
Navigator DS Prod 10811)
The Navigator™ Delivery System (Navigator DS), is a compute ... [more]
ON-Q Pain Post-Operative Pain Relief System (Prod 3624)
Balloon-like pump that provides targeted pain relief after surger ... [more]
ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q SilverSoaker (Prod 11960)
ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q® SilverSoaker™ gets patients back to ... [more]
Pain Care 3200 Pain Pump (Prod 2715)
Designed for post-operative pain control, the 3200 offers approxi ... [more]
Pain Care 4200 Pain Pump (Prod 2716)
The 4200 lasts approximately 4 days with a 2-cc/hour drip. It inc ... [more]
Pain Control Device System
The Pain Control Device System provides continuous infusion of a ... [more]
PainCare Ambulatory Infusion Pain Pumps
LMA PainCare™ infusion pumps are ideal for wound infusion u ... [more]
PainFree Pump
A portable delivery system that administers local anesthetic to t ... [more]
The PainPump®2 pumps medication using a pulsing method. A pul ... [more]
Stryker PainPump®
The Stryker PainPump® utilizes sustained vacuum pressure to d ... [more]
Symbios GOPump™ Rapid Recovery System
Driven by an elastomeric pump, GOPump™ infusions typically ... [more]
SynchroMed Pump (Prod 2728)
The SynchroMed pump is an implantable, programmable, battery-powe ... [more]
WalkMed PCA
Simple to operate, the WalkMed 350 achieves continuous delivery w ... [more]