Transcutaneous Electronic Devices / TENS Units

Product Listings for Transcutaneous Electronic Devices / TENS Units
ActiPatch Therapy is a convenient, cost-effective pulsed electrom ... [more]
Baxolve (Prod 9362)
Baxolve™ is an innovative means of controlling back pain, u ... [more]
Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment
Calmare's inventor is Professor Giuseppe Marineo, MD, DSc., Resea ... [more]
Chronic Pain Suppressor CPS-2000 (Prod 4744)
Prescription 2 channel programmable medical device designed to al ... [more]
Contrast Compression Therapy (Prod 11404)
Contrast compression therapy units provide sustained cold/he ... [more]
CTDX (Prod 6474)
CTDX™ is an electrotherapy system customized to suit indivi ... [more]
D-Actor 50
The D-Actor® 50 with EPAT® (Extracorporeal Pulse Activati ... [more]
ElectroThermal® 20S Spine System (Prod 4176)
Multifunctional generator that provides controlled levels of ther ... [more]
EMS, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (Prod 2724)
This type of stimulation is characterized by a low volt stimulati ... [more]
EPS8000™ (Prod 160607)
The EPS8000™ stimulates peripheral nerves for the purpose of pr ... [more]
FastStart ICT (Prod 4615)
Strong yet comfortable interferential current therapy ... [more]
Galvanic Stimulation (Prod 2725)
Galvanic stimulation is most useful in acute injuries associated ... [more]
The H-Wave device is a electro-therapeutic treatment to aid in fu ... [more]
H-Wave (Prod 3172)
H-Wave is a 6 pad, 3 channel, battery operated pain management sy ... [more]
Homewave® is a non-invasive Neuromodulation Pain Therapy Syst ... [more]
Horizontal Therapy (Prod 9443)
Horizontal® Therapy is internationally patented and therefore on ... [more]
INF - Interferential Stimulation (Prod N8589)
Primarily used to manage deep chronic pain. INF current uses very ... [more]
Interferential Generator (Prod 2726)
This type of stimulation is characterized by the crossing of two ... [more]
Interferential Unit (Prod 11453)
Interferential Stimulation is primarily used to manage deep chron ... [more]
MediTens XP (Prod 11773)
The MediTens® XP is a clinically proven, safe and effective m ... [more]
MENS - Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Prod N8590)
Microcurrent electrical nerve stimulation (M.E.N.S) uses micro-am ... [more]
Micro-Stim TENS (Prod 4723)
Microampere frequency of 0.5 Hz, 8 Hz, and 80 Hz, subsensory to p ... [more]
Microcurrent Stimulator (MENS) (Prod 2727)
Where TENS is used to hide pain, Microcurrent, is thought to work ... [more]
MPO-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System (Prod 11452)
The Microcurrent provides little to no feeling of electrical stim ... [more]
MSP-T.E.N.S. (Prod 3926)
Dual Channel, 3 mode device w/ timer * Pulse Amplitude 80mZ * P ... [more]
NMES - Neuromuscular Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Prod N8587)
Primarily used for preventing disuse atrophy (muscle wasting). St ... [more]
OmniTens XP and OmniTens plus (Prod 9361)
TENS Programmes cover all forms of musculoskeletal pain. Special ... [more]
PolyStim Pre-wired Electrodes (Prod 4952)
Self-adhering via a conductive adhesive polymer. Reusable up to ... [more]
Premier TENS
The Premier TENS is a fully digital battery operated pulse genera ... [more]
PRO ElecDT 2000 (Prod 4241)
To stimulate peripheral nerves for the purpose of providing pain ... [more]