Sharps Injury Prevention

Product Listings for Sharps Injury Prevention
DAC 3000 Hypodermic Needle Destroyer (Prod 4777)
Electrical device for hands-free destruction of used needles, the ... [more]
Endo360 (Prod 5473)
Fascia closure suturing device that protects against accidental n ... [more]
Form-A-Liner (Prod 10260)
Latex-free bowl or pan liner with unlimited formability to create ... [more]
Form-A-Zone (Prod 10259)
Latex-free, reusable, instrument mat with unlimited formability. ... [more]
Medical Waste Containers
Medical waste containers Red bags, liners, & gloves ... [more]
An economical counting and disposal system for needles and sharps ... [more]
Needle Counters (Prod 5653)
A variety of styles and sizes of needle counters available which ... [more]
Needle-Trap (Prod 9304)
System that incorporates a self adhesive syringe label that can b ... [more]
NeedleSafe II™
Nearly vertical needle cap holder designed to minimize the risk o ... [more]
Single-handed scalpel blade remover. Drops blade into a leakproof ... [more]
Qlicksmart CASSETTE 3in1 (Prod 9545)
The world's first single-handed scalpel blade removal, containmen ... [more]
Qlicksmart Flask (Prod 7032)
World's first single-handed scalpel blade Removal, Containment an ... [more]
Qlicksmart Snapit (Prod 9546)
Easy and safe glass ampoule opener. Snapit - Invented by a Regist ... [more]
QlickSmart® Safe, One-Handed Blade Remover (Prod 9175)
QlickSmart® removes all common blades from most standard No. 3, ... [more]
Simple and safe system to allow recapping of a syringe needle C ... [more]
Retractable Needle Syringes (Prod 1601013)
Available in a variety of sizes (0.5, 1, 3, 5, and 10mL), needle ... [more]
SAF-T Pass Transfer Drapes (Prod 5659)
Magnetic and non-magnetic transfer drapes facilitate "hands-free" ... [more]
Saf-T Stop (Prod 8611)
Temporary Sharps Holder Complies with OSHA requirements (29 ... [more]
Scalpel Holder (Prod 5655)
Protection to reduce accidental sharps injuries Holds up to ... [more]
Scalpel Holders
Disposable. Holds up to 3 scalpels in a blade-down position rega ... [more]
Sharps Safety Station
Plastic box that opens and closes and separates to use as a neutr ... [more]
Flat tray type container with foam and magnet for transfer of sha ... [more]
SoffZone Neutral Zone Tray (Prod 181113)SoffZone Neutral Zone Tray (Prod 181113)
Neutral zone tray to prevent sharps injuries Highly visible red ... [more]
soffzone™ (Prod 150503)
Neutral Zone Trays: Tool griping, perforated silicone mats with a ... [more]
Syringe Stands
Provides a safe and simple solution for one-handed syringe handli ... [more]
The Finger (Prod 4301)
Flexible, puncture and cut resistant tube to cover the finger of ... [more]
Total Sharps Safety System
Multiple products: Safety scalpel, "Safe Zone" passing tray, and ... [more]