Sterilization Cases / Sterile Containers

Product Listings for Sterilization Cases / Sterile Containers
Arthroscopic Instrument Sterilization Tray  (Prod 1506156)Arthroscopic Instrument Sterilization Tray (Prod 1506156)
Fifteen-Unit Sterilization Tray designed for Arthroscopic Hand-He ... [more]
Consensus Sterilization Tray System (Prod 3220)
Replaces Aesculap or Genesis sterilization tray systems. Faster, ... [more]
FlashTite Sealed Flash Case
Sealed, filter-less sterilization case that uses a valve that ope ... [more]
FlowerCube (Prod 150120)
The FlowerCube™, is a complete and standardized, procedure-base ... [more]
Fold-n-Hold (Prod 12163)
Protective instrument pockets for use during sterilization. ... [more]
Instrument Trays (Prod 11578)
Complete lines of instrument trays, solid flat covers, perforated ... [more]
K-RAK & Pin Container (Prod 8296)
Instrument container designed to safely store and protect K-Wire ... [more]
Klassic ONE (Prod 1904043)
Klassic ONE is a single tray system for primary hip and knee repl ... [more]
Kontainers & Kradles (Prod 3229)
For sterilizing, storing, or transporting instruments. Savings t ... [more]
MediTray Sterilization Tray System
Cost-effective customization choice, without the additional expen ... [more]
Modular Sterilization Tray System (Prod 1401017)
Saves surgical departments time & money, while reducing the poten ... [more]
Rapid, routine processing of instrument sets by pre-vacuum or gra ... [more]
Osteotome and Curette Racks in Cases (Prod 4653)
For Lambotte osteotomes, Bruns curettes, and others Curette stor ... [more]
Plastic Sterilization Trays (Prod 2629 C117.1)Plastic Sterilization Trays (Prod 2629 C117.1)
Multiple sizes and configurations available Large Steril ... [more]
Power System Sterilization Tray
For sterilization of PowerPro® Battery Handpieces, Attachment ... [more]
Riley FlashPak
The Riley FlashPak™ is a hospital-proven closed container s ... [more]
Scope Baskets (Prod 161124)
Containment device to use in the sterilization process of rigid s ... [more]
SingleCycle Disposable Instrument Tray (Prod 1708081)
Safe transportation of clean and soiled instruments Prov ... [more]
Spare-a-Tear (Prod 12162)
Corner protectors for sterilization trays. ... [more]
Breakthrough latch design optimizes space for organizing, protect ... [more]
Stat-Mat® and Stat-Mat® Minor (Prod 11613)
Invented by an OR scrub nurse to avoid the wasted time setting up ... [more]
Sterilization and Decontamination Trays
Sterilization pans, containers and plates for use with autoclave ... [more]
Sterilization Cases (Prod 2547)
Custom-made sterilization cases in metal, plastic, and combinatio ... [more]
Sterilization Cases (Prod 6980)
Metal or thermoform. Wide selection and custom made trays. Previ ... [more]
Sterilization Container System
Instrument processing, storage, and transport. Engineered from a ... [more]
SteriTite Universal Sealed Container
Available with a perforated or solid base for pre-vacuum steriliz ... [more]
Stopper Foot and Corner Shield (Prod 12285)
Engineered to help prevent holes, tips, and tears in sterilizatio ... [more]
Surgical Sterilization Container (Prod 1604083)
Surgical sterilization tray container that holds all trays needed ... [more]