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3500 ORTHO PACKAGE / Orthopedic Accessories (Prod 2122)
Orthopedic Fracture Table Accessories Ortho Traction Ada ... [more]
Albee's Type Orthopaedic Attachment (Prod 3062)
Fully Nickle-Chromium Plated attachment for any of our OR tables ... [more]
AM-MI ORTHO 400 Orthopedic Fracture and Procedures Table (Prod 4043)
The AM-MI ORTHO 400 is a remote controlled electric table for ort ... [more]
Amsco OrthoVision Orthopedic and Fracture Table (Prod 2204)
Mobile, manually operated orthopedic table. ... [more]
C-thru Infant Spica Board (Prod 7704 C415.1)C-thru Infant Spica Board (Prod 7704 C415.1)
Inexpensive substitute for a pediatric spica table and a better w ... [more]
Carson Perineal Post Pad (Prod 1504244)
Comparable to and for use in lieu of SMITH & NEPHEW® Perineal Po ... [more]
Chick IOT Imageable Orthopaedic Table (Prod 2645)
This table is no longer available. It has been replaced by the ... [more]
CHICK LP Low Profile Imageable Orthopedic Table (Prod 10056 C615.1)CHICK LP Low Profile Imageable Orthopedic Table (Prod 10056 C615.1)
Low Profile, Imageable, Orthopedic Table Requires less storage ... [more]
Fracture Table Extension (Prod 4518)
May be easily set up by one person. Maintenance-free equipment. ... [more]
Hana Table (Prod 12170)
State of the art fracture table that optimizes the Anterior Appro ... [more]
Infant Cast Table (Prod 8773)
Radiolucent table that facilitates application of any type of cas ... [more]
Infant Cast Table and Traction Conversion Kit (Prod 8775 C615.1)Infant Cast Table and Traction Conversion Kit (Prod 8775 C615.1)
Designed specifically for use with children Features and uses ... [more]
Magnus OR Table / Hybrid Table (Prod 11063)
Arrticulations for ergonomic access as well as X-ray capabilities ... [more]
OPERON (Prod 4044)
A manually operated fracture table for use in orthopaedic trauma. ... [more]
Orthopaedic Table Watson-Jones (Prod 3060)
Strong and sturdy fracture table with heavy gauged tubular pipe f ... [more]
Orthostar II (Prod 2375)
Specialty table for orthopedic and trauma surgery. For femoral ro ... [more]
OT 1000 Series Orthopaedic Surgical Table (Prod 150629)
Unrestricted imaging angles and almost limitless patient position ... [more]
OVATION™ Orthopedic Trauma/Fracture Table (Prod 2208)
The powered torso and leg sections of the OVATION™ Orthopedic T ... [more]
P3 Pudendal Post Protector (Prod 1407302)
The Pudendal Post Protector For Hip Fractures, Femur Fracture ... [more]
Perineal Post Cover (Prod 1704213)
For use with Mizhuho OSI® Hana®, ProF®, and Hana SSXT® Tables ... [more]
Perineal Post for Hip Arthroscopy (Prod 7447)
The Perineal Post for the Hip Distractor System will allow for op ... [more]
Perineal Post Gel Pad (Prod 3002)
The perineal post gel pad reduces interface pressure and shear, f ... [more]
RotexShoe® (Prod 1503102C615.1)
Traction boot designed for the RotexTable® Attaches to t ... [more]
Super Deluxe Ortho (Prod 3061)
Hydraulic Operation fracture table for use with C-Arm ... [more]
Surgical C-Arm Table - 830 (Prod 2609)
Versatile, full function OR table featuring an extra-large radiol ... [more]
Surgical Orthopaedic Table (Prod 3554)
A manually operated fracture table. ... [more]
T30 - Table System Modular Orthopaedic Table (Prod 2916)
Fully powered operating table for orthopaedic and trauma surgery ... [more]
Traction Boot (Prod 12134)
Traction Boot with Active Heel™ Technology that provides superb ... [more]
Traction Systems (Prod 11244)
Traction Systems that are available for most popular bed manufact ... [more]