Product Listings for Headlights
CL100 SFI Surgical Headlight System
The CL100 SFI headlight system provides a brilliant white light a ... [more]
DayLite Metal Halide
This Halide Light Source has 18,000 Footcandles of light that p ... [more]
DayLite XeNon 300
A Xenon Headlight System. Available in 110/115 V or 220 V Cir ... [more]
Fiber Optic Headlight Systems (Prod 11300)
Altair Hi2:  High intensity fiber optic headlight. Altair ... [more]
Fiberoptic Headlights (Prod 3227)
Single, Bifurcated, and Mini fiberoptic headlight models. ... [more]
FireFly Infinity Portable LED Headlight (Prod 8397)
Runs on a battery system. Completely portable.Loupe or Headband M ... [more]
Gemini Headlights (Prod 6844)
Perfectly balanced, the patented Gemini incorporates superior opt ... [more]
Halo Cordless Surgical Headlight (Prod 5107)
Completely cordless surgical headlight. Illuminated by innovative ... [more]
Halogen Headlight
Headlight for halogen light sources with variable or fixed spot c ... [more]
Halogen III Series Surgical Headlight
The Halogen III is a surgical headlight with High Beam TriLens te ... [more]
IRIS LED Cordless Headlight Systems (Prod 9216)
Three LED headlights with digital two- and four-battery pack cont ... [more]
IsoLux llc Surgical Fiber Optic Illumination System
Includes xenon light source, fiber optic cable, headlight module. ... [more]
Isolux Surgical Headlight
Lightweight and completely adjustable. Replaceable pads. ... [more]
LED Daylite Twin Beam and LED Daylite
Portable battery powered bright white head lights.  45 day n ... [more]
Lumenon Xenon Light System
The Lumenon™ Xenon Light Source and the Lumenon™ Fibe ... [more]
MFI Solarc® Headlight
The MFI Solarc® Headlight is a durable, comfortable, and ligh ... [more]
MicroOptical Critical Data Viewer
Attachement for headlight that allows the surgeon to view vital s ... [more]
Nanolite Surgical Headlight
World's most powerful low cost LED Medical Headlight. ... [more]
Novalite Micro XL Surgical Headlight
Brilliant lighting. Zero heat output. Ultra-light headset. Adj ... [more]
ProXenon Surgical Headlight System
The ProXenon™ 350 Surgical Illuminator and Headlight System ... [more]
Solaris miniā„¢ Headlight (Prod 11081)
The Solaris mini portable LED is the latest generation LED which ... [more]
Stallion Ultraview (Prod 10660)
Powerful cordless headlight.  Up to 9 hrs. charge time.  ... [more]
Tri-Lens High Beam Classic (Prod 2401)
Fiber-optic headlight illuminated by BFW intense 300-watt Xenon l ... [more]
Twin Star (Prod 11299)
Twin head 3-watt LED headlight system.  Delivers up to 11,00 ... [more]
UltraLite Plus Headlight
Lightweight headlight with headband or sweatband designs. ... [more]
UltraLux Headlight System
Xenon light source. Cost effective. Reliable, quality performan ... [more]