Implant Removal Systems / Extraction

Product Listings for Implant Removal Systems / Extraction
Barsoum-Krebs Hip Stem Extraction System (Prod 11281)
For removal of both cemented and press-fit hip stems, utilizing a ... [more]
Broken Screw Removal System (Prod 1801078)
Single-use, sterile packed system that is available in three diff ... [more]
Compression Hip Screw Removal System (Prod 5201)
An assortment of stainless steel Uni-Lok Key Shafts with compleme ... [more]
Dr. Toolz (Prod 12121)
Spinal implant removal instruments ... [more]
EP Mueller Extraction Device
Extraction device that attaches to the Woodpecker™ Total Hi ... [more]
Evolution (Prod 6706)
One consolidated set of spinal implant removal instruments that c ... [more]
Extraction Instrumentation (Prod 2945)
Extraction instrumentation for Ender Nail,Rush Nail,K-Nail,and St ... [more]
MSI Precision Nail Extraction Set (Prod 150223)
Kit with large array of instruments for removal of intramedullary ... [more]
Screw Removal Set (Prod 8977)
The Screw Removal Set features universal instruments capable of r ... [more]
Screw Removal System (Prod 507)
Broken screw removal system. ... [more]
Surg Emergency Removal Set (Prod 12080)
Emergency removal set for broken screws and implants Highest qu ... [more]
TL Spinal Implant Removal System (Prod 6464)
Orthospecialties spinal implant removal system. Implant specific ... [more]
Universal Screw Removal Set (Prod 9572)
Broken, stripped, screws - any size, any brand. ... [more]
Winquist III™ IM Nail Extraction System (Prod 7689)
For removal of cannulated nail, solid nails, broken nails. Threa ... [more]
Xtract-All Hip Stem Extraction System (Prod 11284)
Xtract-All Hip Stem Extraction System A universal system designed ... [more]
Xtract-All Knee System (Prod 2600)
A universal extraction system intended to efficiently remove knee ... [more]
Xtract-All® Maxi Large Screw Extraction Set (Prod 5199)
Designed to simplify insertion and extraction of large bone screw ... [more]
Xtract-All® Mini Screw Removal Set (Prod 5198)
Xtract-All® Mini Screw Removal Set – Upgraded Designed to r ... [more]
Xtract-All® Spine Hardware Removal Set (Prod 5200)
Xtract-All® Spine Hardware Removal Set Cutting-Edge Instrumen ... [more]