Vascular Testing

Product Listings for Vascular Testing
Bidop 3 Visual Bidirectional Vascular Pocket Doppler (Prod 11358)
Visual bidirecitonal pocket Doppler View a real-time waveform o ... [more]
Bowman Perfusion Monitor (Prod 4133)
The Bowman Perfusion Monitor runs continuously and displays perfu ... [more]
Conforma Shapeable Doppler Flow Probe
20 MHz Doppler flow probe on a shapeable shaft for pinpoint analy ... [more]
Cook-Swartz Doppler Flow Probe
20MHz crystal attached to a cuff which allows for easy attachment ... [more]
Disposable Doppler Probes (Prod 12206)
Single-patient use probles for vascular, microvascular and laparo ... [more]
EndoPAT2000 System is a noninvasive method to evaluate endothelia ... [more]
ES-100X MiniDoppler Hand-held Vascular Doppler (Prod 2371)
Cost-effective hand-held vascular pocket Doppler with integrated ... [more]
Flow-QC Meters & Probes
Transonic intraoperative flowmetry provides the surgeon with brea ... [more]
INVOSĀ® Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter
From CEAs to aortobifems and brachial artery embolectomies, the I ... [more]
MD35 Procord
Ideal for mobile vascular labs the MD35 Procord combines three in ... [more]
Medasonics Blood Flow Doppler
Medasonics BF4B Blood Flow Doppler with Stethoscope 5.3 MHz The ... [more]
Microvascular 20 MHZ Doppler System (Prod 10288)
The Microvascular 20 MHZ Doppler System was specifically designed ... [more]
Mini Dopplex (Prod 7538)
Non-directional, low-cost pocket unit providing all the standard ... [more]
Multi Dopplex II (Prod 7537)
Bi-directional Doppler. The most advanced hand held Doppler unit ... [more]