Therapeutic Footwear

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Ambulator Bio Boots
The new BIO4000 is a 3/4 style boot designed with 3 removable ins ... [more]
Ambulator Healing Shoes (Prod 2242)
Designed to accommodate patients who require comfortable, ultra l ... [more]
Ambulator Therapeutic Chukka Boots
Designed to comfort and protect "Charcot" feet and other foot def ... [more]
Ambulator Therapeutic Sandals
Constructed from Plastazote for ultimate comfort and plantar prot ... [more]
Bout Time Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 151028C.1)Bout Time Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 151028C.1)
Pictured: 'Bout Time Colors: Cordovan, Black, Mulch ... [more]
Conformer Diabetic Boot (Prod 1501)
Dual density mid-sole to accomodate most Charcot foot conditions. ... [more]
Custom Sure Step (Prod 11342)
Features Quick turnaround time Twelve models ensures ... [more]
Freetime Ladies' Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510281C.1)Freetime Ladies' Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510281C.1)
Pictured: Freetime Colors: Mocha, Black, Bone, White, & ... [more]
Herbst Cradle
Orthosis designed for plantar flexion contractures, pressure-free ... [more]
Journey Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510285C.1)Journey Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510285C.1)
Pictured: Journey Colors: Gray Mesh, Blue Mesh, White Le ... [more]
Open-Toe Boots and Bars (Prod 4917)
Open-Toe Boots and Bars, widely used in the Ponseti Method of Clu ... [more]
Orthotics that are handcrafted for people who require better foot ... [more]
OrthoWedge Healing Shoes (Prod 4916)
The OrthoWedge Healing Shoe offers a design for reducing pressure ... [more]
PneumaticWalker Diabetic System
Similar to the PneumaticWalker, the PneumaticWalker for Diabetics ... [more]
Innovative, wearable technology that combines off-loading and int ... [more]
Roamer Therapeutic Ladies' Shoes (Prod 1510283C.1)Roamer Therapeutic Ladies' Shoes (Prod 1510283C.1)
Pictured: Roamer Colors: Navy, Black, Sage, Chestnut, Sa ... [more]
Shock Suppression Technology Insoles
Shock suppression technology in insoles for sports, leisure and d ... [more]
Soak Your Feet Boot
Specially designed foot covering allowing patients to remain acti ... [more]
Sure Step Neuropathic CROW
CROW = Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker for Charcot degeneration ... [more]
TARSO MEDIUS Surgical Boot (Prod 4915)
TARSO MEDIUS ® Surgical boots are made on the symmetrical TARSO ... [more]
Tenderfoot Boot (Prod 1502)
For treatment of ulcerative or pre-ulcerative foot conditions, in ... [more]
Thermoskin AFG Ankle/Foot Gauntlet
For pain relief associated with diabetes, arthritis, and Raynaud' ... [more]
Timeout Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510286C.1)Timeout Men's Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510286C.1)
Pictured: Timeout Colors: Black, Walnut, Bone Wid ... [more]
TMV Ladies' Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510282C.1)TMV Ladies' Therapeutic Shoes (Prod 1510282C.1)
Pictured: TMV Available in White Mesh "Tour" lace- ... [more]
VACO®diaped (Prod 8244)
Orthopedic treatment system for the diabetic foot syndrome simila ... [more]
Z-CoiL Shoes (Prod 8723)
Engineered specifically to relieve foot, leg, and back pain Pat ... [more]