Femur Plates

Product Listings for Femur Plates
95 deg Condylar Blade Plate
5,7,9 and 12 holes, 50mm-80mm blade lengths ... [more]
Hinge Pediatric Plating System (Prod 10172)
The Hinge Pediatric Plating System is designed to correct deformi ... [more]
LolliPOP (Locking Pedatric Osteotomy Plate) System (Prod 1802051)
The LolliPOP (Locking Pedatric Osteotomy Plate) system is an inno ... [more]
O'nil Iron Lady Plate (Prod 11966)
For periprosthetic fractures of the hip Self-supporting struct ... [more]
PediLoc Femur Locked Plate System (Prod 10050)
The PediLoc Femur Locked Plate System is a plate dedicated exclus ... [more]
PeriPlateā„¢ (Prod 1801132)
The PeriPlateā„¢ is equipped with a V-Duo Monoaxial/Polyaxial Loc ... [more]
True/Fix Supracondylar Screw
True/Fix® one button reamer used with a standard 3.2mm guide ... [more]