Cement Plugs, Absorbable

Product Listings for Cement Plugs, Absorbable
Absorbable Femoral Cement Plug (Prod 3520)
Resorbable femoral plug for cemented hips. Also, absorbable headl ... [more]
Amber Flex (Prod 3780)
Bio-rebsorbable cement restrictor ... [more]
BIOPLUG (Prod 10175)
A flexible, resorbable / absorbable cement plug: BIOPLUG ... [more]
BIOSTOP G Bone Cement Restrictor
The BIOSTOP G Bone Cement Restrictor is a bioresorbable plug desi ... [more]
C ~ plug ® (Prod 1802118)
The C ~ plug ® is a resorbable distal cement restrictor that sea ... [more]
Cement Plugs and Centralizers (Prod 3557)
Absorbable centralizers and cement plugs for the Protese cemented ... [more]
Cemstop (Prod 11226)
Cemstop allows a sealing of the medullary cavity before the intro ... [more]
CERAPLUG Gelatine Cement Plug (Prod 3261)
Made of highly purified porc gelatine ... [more]
ESOBLOCK (Prod 4861)
ESOBLOCK diaphyseal cement plugs are totally re-absorbable and co ... [more]
ImproVise Resorbable Cement Flow Restrictor
The ImproVise™ Resorbable Cement Flow Restrictor is designe ... [more]
MEDULOCK Cement plug (Prod 150623)
Flexible and biodegradable cement plug 6 sizes En ... [more]
OrthoPrep™ Shoulder and Elbow Cement Restrictor System (Prod 7764)
System offering 12-mm and 15-mm cement restrictors on a disposabl ... [more]
REX Cement Stop
More than a cement restrictor; this is a cement stop, absolutely ... [more]
Samarys Cement Restrictor (Prod 7268)
Cement restrictor manufactured from PEEK. Previously available fr ... [more]
TempSeal Resorbable Medullary Plug
Resorbable cement restrictor. Absorbable. ... [more]