General Repair Services

Product Listings for General Repair Services
Fiberoptic Cable Repair
Our facility repairs all fiber optic cables. Our repair capabilit ... [more]
Full Service Repair Facility (Prod 10150)
A full service repair facility combining the latest technologies ... [more]
Instrument and Equipment Repair
SterilMed Inc.'s On-Site Reprocessing and Repair Management offer ... [more]
Instrument Repair and Maintenance (Prod 2854)
WE can provide first-class repair and maintenance of all surgical ... [more]
Instrument Repair Services (Prod 160324 C316.1)Instrument Repair Services (Prod 160324 C316.1)
The best repair service at the best price with the best turn-arou ... [more]
Medical Equipment Sales, Service and Repair
Endoscope / arthroscope repair and sales. ... [more]
Orthopaedic Equipment Repairs
Stryker Battery Refurbishment, Air Hoses, Cast-cutters, Dermato ... [more]
ReNewal (Prod 4513)
ReNewal is a registered Third-Party Medical Device Reprocessor of ... [more]
Repair of Orthopaedic Instruments (Prod 3929)
Specializes in the sale of used instruments and repair of instrum ... [more]
Repair Services (Prod 6842)
We can repair surgical instruments and equipment ranging from tr ... [more]
Repair Services (Prod 8326)
Endoscopy Repair, Micro Instrument Repair, Electrosurgical, ... [more]
Repair Smart
Repair Smart® minimizes the instances of failure and improves ... [more]
Sharpening & Repairing of Surgical Instruments
We offer quality sharpening equipment and services for maintainin ... [more]
Surgical and Power Instrument Repair (Prod 6560)
An established surgical instrument repair business that offers fu ... [more]
Surgical Instrument Repair Services (Prod 1663)
All stainless steel instruments sharpened, realigned, parts repla ... [more]
Surgical Instrument Repair Services (Prod 6791)
We specialize in the repair of precision surgical instruments suc ... [more]
Surgical Instrument Repairs and Accessories
Dare to compare off-site repair. Previously available from Spectr ... [more]
Teleflex Medical Surgical Instrument Repair
Even the finest surgical instruments may need to be repaired or r ... [more]