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Bard-Parker® SafeSwitch™ Scalpel Handle (Prod 1779)
Disposable scalpel handle with a retractable sheath Faci ... [more]
Canica Ejectable Blade Scalpel
Push-button action minimizes disposal risk with reduced sharps in ... [more]
Disposable, weighted scalpel handle that allows the surgeon to ut ... [more]
Disposable Safety Scalpel (Prod 2849)
Fully retractable scalpel blade to prevent accidental sharps stic ... [more]
Disposable Scalpel Blade (Prod 1712131)
Disposable surgical blade that is manufactured from high quality ... [more]
Ergonomic Scalpel Handle (Prod 9543)
Better tactile feedback and less fatigue during prolonged operati ... [more]
Havel Premium Carbon Steel Sterile Surgical Blades (Prod 9173)
Your order includes one box of 100 individualy foil-wrapped carbo ... [more]
IonFusion Blades
Molecularly modified surfaces and "champagne gold" edges that ind ... [more]
Knife Handles / Scalpel Handles
Microsurgical Blade Handles; Scalpel Handles. Previously availabl ... [more]
Misonix BoneScalpel™
The Misonix BoneScalpel™, a new Ultrasonic Osteotome. The BoneS ... [more]
PersonnaPlus Safety Scalpel System (Prod 4512)
Single Use Transparent Safety Cartridge. Safety Tab and Thumb-No ... [more]
Retractable Safety Scalpel (Prod 150907)
Safety scalpel that is as easy to manage as a ball point pen ... [more]
Reusable Saf-T-Scalpel
Can be reused and autoclaved.  Disposable blade can be safel ... [more]
Safeshield Scalpel (Prod 2388)
Disposable. Sterile, single use. Protective shield. SUREgrip r ... [more]
Safety Scalpel
Plastic safety scalpel cover that fits standard scalpel handles. ... [more]
Safety Scalpel Handles and Blades
Metal protected blade system. Disposable systems also available. ... [more]
SAFhandle High Performance Safety Scalpel (Prod 9583)
Reusable metal handle safety scalpel is a stainless steel handle ... [more]
SAFhandle High Performance Safety Scalpel Blades (Prod 9221)
Innovative, rounded blade to prevent accidental stab wounds. Dia ... [more]
Scalpel Handles (Prod 8608)
Multiple shapes and sizes ... [more]
Scalpels and Scalpel Handles (Prod 10231)
Carbon steel and stainless steel. Feather surgical blade handles ... [more]
Scalpels with Retractable Blades
Disposable, safety scalpels. Controlled retraction of the blade ... [more]
Surgical Blades (Prod 5184)
Both Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Blades are individually foi ... [more]
Surgical Scalpel Blades (Prod 11462)
Available in both stainless and carbon steel, numbers 10, 11, 12, ... [more]
Techno-Cut Plus Retractable Safety Scalpel (Prod 6418)
Top-activated scalpel allowing for both right or left handed use ... [more]
ThumBlade Safety Scalpels (Prod 10921)
Independent mechanisms enable left or right handed activation.&nb ... [more]