Wrist / Distal Radius Ex Fix

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The CASLAU system has as its main indication all the composite or ... [more]
ClearView Wrist Fixation System (Prod 4335)
Lightweight, low profile, translucent, radiolucent. Ball & pi ... [more]
Trauma-Fix External Fixation System with the following advantages ... [more]
Colles Fixator
Correction of any deformity in three dimensions, fracture healin ... [more]
Colles Gold Wrist Fixator
For distal radius fracture reduction. ... [more]
CPX (Cross Pin Fixator for Distal Radius Fractures) (Prod 7582)
The CPX is indicated for the treatment of displaced or non-displa ... [more]
DFS Dimension (Prod 767)
Wrist fixator. ... [more]
Distal Radius Fixator Device
External fixator device for the distal radius. ... [more]
Distal Radius System (DRS)
For distal radius fractures. ... [more]
DYNAWRIST is a medical device for the external fixation of wrist ... [more]
EpiUno™ Fixation System
Dynamic disposable fixation system for metaphyseal fractures In ... [more]
FMSA External Fixator (Prod 868)
For "Colles" fractures. Uses 3.2 mm and 2.5 mm pins. It is artic ... [more]
JET-X Mini External Fixator System (Prod 6082)
Utilizes independently locking, double pin cartridge clamps with ... [more]
Distal Radius Fractures/Foreamrm Fractures/Humeral Fractures/Anat ... [more]
NonBridging Wrist External Fixator (NBX)
Multi-Matrix Pin Technology. Multiple small diameter pins forming ... [more]
Pennig Wrist Fixator (Prod 1741)
The Pennig Wrist Fixator is a stable, lightweight fixator for dis ... [more]
RadioLucent Wrist Fixation System (Prod 1742)
A radiolucent distal radius fixator system. ... [more]
ST.A.R. 90 F4 Wrist and Forearm Fixator
Central body is radiotransparent (radiolucent). ... [more]
Stableloc EX
DISTAL RADIUS FIXATOR: Permits joy stick manipulation of the dis ... [more]
WristJack (Prod 1085)
For reduction and external fixation of distal radius fractures. ... [more]
Wristore Distal Radius Fracture Fixator
Minimally invasive treatment of complex wrist fractures. Radiolu ... [more]